Wave Optics

Wave Optics

These MCQs are intended for checking your Physics subject, Chapter Wave Optics knowledge.

What happens to the interference pattern the two slits S1 and S2 in Young’s double experiment are illuminated by two independent but identical sources?

Two sources of light are said to be coherent when both give out light waves of the same:

A single slit diffraction pattern is obtained using a beam of red light What happened the red light is replaced by the blue light?

For sustained interference, we need two sources which
emit radiations :

Which of the following is conserved when light waves interfere?

The application of Doppler effect are:

What is the reason for your answer to the above question?

In Young double slit experiment, a minimum is obtained when the phase difference of the superposing waves, is (n ∈ l):

The angle of minimum deviation of a prism depends upon the aggie of:

What happens if one of the slits, say S1 in Young’s double , slit experiment-is covered with a glass plate which absorbs half the intensity of light from it?

The minimum value of the refractive index is:

When a polaroid is rotated, the intensity of light varies but never reduces to zero. It shows that the incident light is:

The theory of expanding universe is confirmed by the observation of the spectral lines of the star, which shows :

The intensity of light emerging from the two slits, in Young’s experiment is in the ratio 1 : 4. The ratio of the intensity of the minimum to that of the consecutive maximum will be:

Poisson’s bright spot was discovered by:

When a polaroid is rotated, the intensity of light does not vary. The incident light may be:

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