Semiconductor Electronics

Semiconductor Electronics

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In reverse biasing:

Main function of a transistor is to :

Energy bands in solids are a consequence of:

The relation between number of free electrons (n) in a semiconductor and temperature (T) is given by:

In the middle of the depletion layer of a reverse biased p-n junction, the:

To obtain electrons as majority charge carriers in a semiconductors the impurity mixed is:

Number of electrons in the valence shell of a semiconductor is:

Bonds in a semiconductor :

In semi conductor which are responsible for conduction:

In a common base amplifier the phase difference between the input signal voltage and output voltage is :

In a p-type semiconductor, current conduction is by:

With fall of temperature, the forbidden energy gap of a semiconductor

For germanium crystal, the forbidden energy gap in joules

To obtain p-type silicon semiconductor, we need to dope pure silicon with:

Semiconductors of both p-type and n-type are produced by:

On applying reverse bias to a junction diode, it:

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