Moving Charges and Magnetism

Moving Charges and Magnetism

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A current carring coil is placed in a uniform magnetic field. If the coil turns through an angle θ, then the torque is directly proportional to:

What happens to the magnetic field at the centre of a circular current carrying coil if we double the radius of the coil keeping the current unchanged?

Which of the following shows that the earth behaves as a magnet?

The force between two parallel current carrying conductors is F. If the current in each conductor is doubled, then the force between them becomes :

A current carrying power line carries current from west to east. Then the direction of the magnetic field 2 m above it is :

The magnetic field of a given length of a ware for single turn coil at its centre is B. Then. its value for two turns of coil will be :

The strength of the magnetic field around an infinite current carrying conductor is :

The current sensitibility of a moving coil galanometer increases with decrease in:

The sensitivity of a tangent galvanometer can be increased by increasing:

Circular loop of radius 0.0157 m carries a current 2 A. The magnetic field at the centre of the loop is :

Which of the following is not a unit of magnetic induction?

A wire of length 2 metre carries a current 1 ampere, is bent to form a circle. The magnetic moment of the coil is :

When we double the radius of a coil keeping the current through it unchanged, what happens to the magnetic field directed along its axis at far off points?

The permeability of a paramagnetic substance is:

What is the angle of dip at the magnetic poles ?

A charge + q is sent through a magnetic field. The force acting on it is maximum w hen the angle between the direction of motion of the charged particle and the magnetic field :

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