Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves

These MCQs are intended for checking your Physics subject, Chapter Electromagnetic Waves knowledge.

Light Year is the unit of:

Which of the following EMW has highest wavelength?

Choose the wrong statement?

Displacement current is due to:

Who first demonstrated the existence of em waves?

Solar radiation is :

Electromagnetic waves have a speed of

Name the law which states that a varying electric field produces a magnetic field:

The dimensions of E/Bare same as that of:

If ue and um arc the electric and magnetic field densities in an electromagnetic wave, then (c is the speed of light):

EMW are produced by:

Ampere’s circuital law was modified by:

Displacement current is always :

An EMW of v = 3 MHz passes from vacuum into dielectric medium with permittivity Er = 4, then:

Frequency of a wave is 6 × 1015. Hz. The wave is :

Which of the following laws was modified by Maxwell by introducing the displacement current?

Choose the wave relevant to telecommunication :

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