Electric Charges and Fields

Electric Charges and Fields

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hen placed in a uniform field, a dipole experiences:

A soap bubble is given a negative charge, then its radius:

if an electric dipole is kept in a uniform electric field then resultant electric force on it is :

A parrot comes and sits on a bare high power line. It will:

The SI units of electric dipole moment are:

An electron is sent in an electric field of magnitude 9.1 × 106NC-1. The acceleration produced in it is :

If two conducting sphere are connected after charging separately then:

The dimensional representation of cu will be :

Which one of the following is the unit of electric field?

The belt of a Vande Graaf generator gets charge by :

The graph drawn between V are r for a non-conducting charged solid sphere of radius R for r < R will be :

Corona discharge takes place:

Two point charges +8q and -2q are located at ,v = O and ,v = L respectively. The location of a point on the .v-axis at which the net electric field due to these two point charges b is zero :

Electric field in a cavity of metal:

Three charges + 3q + q and Q are placed on a st. line with equal separation. In order to maket the net force on q to be zero, the value of Q will be :

The number of electron-taken out from a body to produce 1 coulomb of charge will be :

In non-uniform electric field, electric dipole experiences:

Quantisation of charge implies:

The dielectric constant of a metal is:

If sphere of bad conductor is given charge then it is distributed on:

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