Current Electricity

Current Electricity

These MCQs are intended for checking your Physics subject, Chapter Current Electricity knowledge.

A wire of resistance 3 Ω is cut into three pieces, which are then joined to form a triangle. The equivalent resistance between any corners of the triangle is :

The speed at which the current travels in a conductor is nearly:

Given three equal resistors, how many different combinations (taken all of them together) can be made?

The length of a conductor is halved. Its resistance will be :

If a certain piece of copper is to be shaped into a conductor of minimum resistance, its length (L) and cross-sectional area (a) shall respectively be :

Specific resistance of alkali metals is mostly affected by:

How many different resistances are possible with two equal resistors?

Kirchhoff's first and second laws for electrical circuits are consequences of:

The number of electrons that constitute 1 A of current is:
(a) (b)

The example of a non-ohmic resistance is:

The resistance of a human body is about:

The specific resistance of a rod of copper as compared to that of thin wire of copper is :

Siemen is the unit of:

Two wires of copper are of the same length but’have different diameters. When they are connected in series across a battery, the heat generated is H1 When connected in parallel across the same battery, the heat generated during the same time is H2 Then :

How much electric energy is consumed by a 100 W lamp used for 6 hours everyday for 30 days?

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