Communication Systems

Communication Systems

These MCQs are intended for checking your Physics subject, Chapter Communication Systems knowledge.

Name the man who was first to place his foot on the moon and in which year:

Digital signals:

The modulation index in amplitude modulation is:

The area served by an antenna of height 100 m is:

Broadcasting antenna are generally:

The space waves which are affected seriously by atmospheric conditions are:

The audio frequencies range from:

AM is used for broadcasting because:

The wavelength of a wave of frequency 10 kHz is:

Communication channel consists of:

Who undertook the first space walk and in which year?

The velocity of electromagnetic wave is:

An antenna is:

The length of a half wave dipole at 30 mega-hertz is:

Increase in frequency deviation results into:

The term used “to collect the information about an object and a place without physical contact” is called :

Which of the following is not transducer?

In space communication, the sound waves can be sent from one place to another:

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