Alternating Current

Alternating Current

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Faraday constant:

In series resonant circuit:

The dimensional formula of L/R is similar to that of:

Energy dissipates in LCR circuit in :

A broadcast circute broadcasts at 300 m band. A condenser of capacitance 2.4 lµF is available. The value of the inductance required for resonant circuit is:

The dimensional formula of impedance is;

An ac ammeter connected in series in an ac circuit reads 5A. The peak value of current:

The no. of turns in the primary coil of a transformer is 200 and the no. of turns in the secondary is 10. If 240 V a.c. is applied to primary, the output from the secondary

Which of the following effects is not shown in alternating current ?

An iron core transformer with a turns ratio of 8 : 1 has 120 V applied across the primary. The voltage across the

What is the ratio of inductive and capacitance reactance in an ac circuit?

An acceptor circuit is :

In parallel resonant circuit:

Transformer works on the principle of:

The phase difference b/w the A.C. and e.m.f. π/2 Which of the following can not be the instituent of the circuit?

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