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When a polaroid is rotated, the intensity of light does not vary. The incident light may be:

A transformer is used to light 100 W and 110 V lamp from a 220 V mains. If the main current is 0.5 A. Then the efficiency of the transformer is:

The SI unit of magnetic flux is:

The phase difference between the flux linkage and the emf in a rotating coil in a uniform magnetic field is:

Which of the following is not a unit of magnetic induction?

The theory of expanding universe is confirmed by the observation of the spectral lines of the star, which shows :

The permeability of a paramagnetic substance is:

The energy equivalent to mass defect is called :

For purely capacitive circuits, power factor is:

The strength of the magnetic field around an infinite current carrying conductor is :

Specific resistance of alkali metals is mostly affected by:

The wavelength of a wave of frequency 10 kHz is:

A choke is used as a resistance in :

The capacitance of earth, viewed as a spherical conductor of radius 6408 km is:

Kinetic energy of emitted electrons depends upon :

When the mass of a sample of a radioactive substance decreases, the mean life of the sample:

Poisson’s bright spot was discovered by:

The number of electrons that constitute 1 A of current is:
(a) (b)

The SI units of electric dipole moment are:

A wire of resistance 3 Ω is cut into three pieces, which are then joined to form a triangle. The equivalent resistance between any corners of the triangle is :

Communication channel consists of:

Natural radioactivity was discovered by:

The dimensions of E/Bare same as that of:

The length of a conductor is halved. Its resistance will be :

In photo electric emission, for alkali metals the threshold frequency lies in the:

The force between two parallel current carrying conductors is F. If the current in each conductor is doubled, then the force between them becomes :

To obtain p-type silicon semiconductor, we need to dope pure silicon with:

The specific resistance of a rod of copper as compared to that of thin wire of copper is :

What is the ratio of inductive and capacitance reactance in an ac circuit?

Which of the following is conserved when light waves interfere?

hen placed in a uniform field, a dipole experiences:

With fall of temperature, the forbidden energy gap of a semiconductor

If a mirror is approaching you at a speed of 10 ms-1, the speed with which your image approach you is:

Name the law which states that a varying electric field produces a magnetic field:

Chadwick was awarded the Nobel prize in Physics in 1935 for his discovery of:

Isobars have the same:

Who explained the splitting of special lines in magnetic field?

In parallel resonant circuit:

The momentum of an electron that emits a wavelength of 2 Å. will be:

Two copper spheres of the same radius, one solid and the other hollow, are charged to the same potential. Which will have more charge?

The dimensional representation of magnetic flux density is :

An electron is sent in an electric field of magnitude 9.1 × 106NC-1. The acceleration produced in it is :

Electric field in a cavity of metal:

The Bohr model of atom:

Half-life of a substance depends on:

Which of-the following is not a property of light?

A broadcast circute broadcasts at 300 m band. A condenser of capacitance 2.4 lµF is available. The value of the inductance required for resonant circuit is:

An atom stays in an excited state for about:

Digital signals:

What is the reason for your answer to the above question?

Which of the following is blocked by a capacitor ?

The half life of a radioactive decay is n times its mean life, n is equal to:

The coupling co-efficient of the perfectly coupled coils is:

Three charges + 3q + q and Q are placed on a st. line with equal separation. In order to maket the net force on q to be zero, the value of Q will be :

The relation between number of free electrons (n) in a semiconductor and temperature (T) is given by:

A ray of light travelling in air is incident of a glass slab. The ray gets partly reflected and partly refracted. The phase difference between the reflected and the refracted waves is :

Circular loop of radius 0.0157 m carries a current 2 A. The magnetic field at the centre of the loop is :

Radius of 1st Bohr orbit is a0 (= 0.529 Å) What is the radius of 2nd Bohr orbit?

The resistance of a human body is about:

Two points P and q are situated at the same distance from a source of light but on opposite sides. The plane difference between the light waves passing through P and q will be:

The principle that a quantum orbital cannot be occupied by more than two electrons was given by:

Broadcasting antenna are generally:

Frequency of a wave is 6 × 1015. Hz. The wave is :

The magnetic flux linked with a coil is inversely proportional to the?

A convergent lens will become less convergent in :

The magnetic field is parallel to a surface, then the magnetic flux through the surface is :

Power factor of an ac circuit is a measure of:

The density of a nucleus is of the order of:

Kirchhoff's first and second laws for electrical circuits are consequences of:

P-decay produces:

The dielectric constant of a metal is:

Light Year is the unit of:

Twenty seven drops of mercury are charged simultaneously to the same potential of 10 volts. What will be potential if all the charged drops are made to combine to form one large drop ?

Which of the following laws was modified by Maxwell by introducing the displacement current?

A metal conductor of length 1 m rotates vertically about one of its ends at angular velocity 5 rad s-1 . If the horizontal component of earth’s magnetism is 2 × 10-5 T, then e.m.f. developed between the two ends of the conductor is:

The role of inductance is equivalent to:

The magnetic field strength due to a short bar magnet directed along its axial line at a distance r is B. What is its value at the same distance along the equatorial line?

A soap bubble is given a negative charge, then its radius:

According to Yukawa’s theory of nuclear forces, the origin of nuclear force between nucleons is due to the exchange of

The binding energy of a deuteron is about:

In space communication, the sound waves can be sent from one place to another:

On reflection from a denser medium, a light wave suffers a phase difference of:

The capacitance of a capacitor will decrease if we introduce a slab of:

The term used “to collect the information about an object and a place without physical contact” is called :

The audio frequencies range from:

The space waves which are affected seriously by atmospheric conditions are:

The phase difference between the electric and the magnetic field vectors in electromagnetic waves is

Which of the following has higher magnetic susceptibility?

Choose the wrong statement?

The speed at which the current travels in a conductor is nearly:

A bird sitting on a high power line:

A charge + q is sent through a magnetic field. The force acting on it is maximum w hen the angle between the direction of motion of the charged particle and the magnetic field :

The P.E. of an electric dipole is maximum when it makes an angle θ with electric field. The value of θ is :

The current sensitibility of a moving coil galanometer increases with decrease in:

Choose the SI unit of electric potential energy :

In semi conductor which are responsible for conduction:

X-rays are:

In Young double slit experiment, a minimum is obtained when the phase difference of the superposing waves, is (n ∈ l):

For ionization of excited Hydrogen atom, the, required energy is:

Given three equal resistors, how many different combinations (taken all of them together) can be made?

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These MCQs are intended for checking your PhysicsAll Chapters  knowledge!!

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A resonating column of air contains

Four wires whose lengths and diameter respectively are given below are made of the same material. Which of these will have the largest extension when same tension is applied?

The scientists who discovered natural radioactivity belonged to

The extension in a string, obeying Hookes law is X. The speed of sound in the stretched string is V. If the extension in the string is increased to 1.5 X, the speed of sound will be

The dimensions of kinetic energy is same as that of

The total flight requires a time that is?

Two wires have the same material and length, but their masses are in the ration of 4 : 3. If they are stretched by the same force, their elongations will be in the ratio of

A coin kept on a rotating gramophone disc just begins to slip if its centre is at a distance of 8 cm from the centre of the disc. The angular velocity of the gramophone disc is then doubled. Through what distance, the coin should be shifted towards the centre, so that the coin will just slip?

To demonstrate the phenomenon of beats we need

At critical temperature, the surface tension of a liquid

The dimensional formula for acceleration is

When the intermolecular distance increases due to tensile force, then

An engine has an efficiency of 1/6. When the temperature of sink is reduced by 62°C, its efficiency is doubled. Temperature of the source is:

A body starts from rest and travels with uniform acceleration of 2 m/s². If its velocity is v after making a displacement of 9 m, then v is

Time period of simple pendulum of length l and a place where acceleration due to gravity is g is T. what is the period of a simple pendulum of the same length at a place where the acceleration due to gravity is 1.029 is,

A body of mass 20 kg is initially at a height of 3 m above the ground. It is lifted to a height of 2 m from that position. Its increase in potential energy is

Calculate the M.I. of a thin uniform ring about an axis tangent to the ring and in a plane of the ring, if its M.I. about an axis passing through the centre and perpendicular to plane is 4 kg m².

A body of mass 10 kg moving at a height of 2 m, with uniform speed of 2 m/s. Its total energy is

For a diatomic gas change in internal energy for a unit change in temperature for constant pressure and constant volume is U1 and U2 respectively. What is the ratio of U1 and U2?

If a body of mass m is taken out from a point below the surface of earth equal to half the radius of earth, R, to a height R above the earths surface, then work done on it will be

A body is traveling in a circle at constant speed. It

Hookes law essentially defines

A body starts from rest and travels with an acceleration of 2 m/s². After t seconds its velocity is 10 m/s . Then t is

Theory of relativity was discovered by

Which is the wrong relation from the following?

Electric generator works on the scientific principle

A body cools from 50°C to 46°C in 5 minutes and to 40°C in the next 10 minutes. The surrounding temperature is

Moon has no atmosphere because

Inside the nucleus, two protons are held together by a force which overcomes the repulsion. This force is called

One mole of an ideal gas requires 207 J heat to raise the temperature by 10 K, when heated at constant pressure. If the same gas is heated at constant volume to raise the temperature by 10K, then heat required is

String is in fundamental mode of vibration then velocity is directly proportional to _______

A uniform chain of length 2 m is kept on a table such that a length of 60 cm hangs freely from the edge of the table. The total mass of the chain is 4 kg. What is the work done in pulling the entire chain on the table?

The volume of a cube in m³ is equal to the surface area of the cube in m². The volume of the cube is

The word Science originates from the Latin verb Scientia meaning

An isolated particle of mass m is moving in a horizontal plane (x-y), along the x-axis, at a certain height above the ground. It suddenly explodes into two fragments of masses m/4 and 3m/4 . An instant later, the smaller fragment is at y = + 15 cm. The larger fragment at this instant is at

A metal piece heated to T1°K. The temperature of the surrounding is T2°K. the heat in the surrounding due to radiation is proportional to

Emissivity of perfectly black body is

The escape velocity of projection from the earth is approximately (R = 6400 km)

A can filled with water is revolved in a vertical circle of radius 4 metre and the water does not fall down. The time period of revolution will be

There is no atmosphere on the moon because

The scientific method is

The mass of a body is 2 kg. It weight is

The path of a particle is given by the expression y = at + bt², where a and b are constants . Y is the displacement at time t. Its velocity at any instant is given by

When angular velocity changes with respect to time then?

A body starts from rest. If it travels with an acceleration of 2 m/s², its displacement at the end of 3 seconds is

A particle moves for 20 s with velocity 3 m/s and then moves with velocity 4 m/s for another 20 s and finally moves with velocity 5 m/s for next 20 s. what is the average velocity of the particle?

In the case of forced oscillations, which of the following statements is not true?

Plants get water through the roots because of

The mass of a body which is equal to the ratio of the force acting on a body to the acceleration produced in the body is

5 g of water rises in the bore of capillary tube when it is dipped in water. If the radius of bore capillary tube is doubled, the mass of water that rises in the capillary tube above the outside water level is

A body of M.I. 3 kg m² rotating with an angular velocity 2 rad/s has the same K.E. as a mass of 12 kg moving with a velocity of

If a simple harmonic oscillator has got a displacement of 0.02 m and acceleration equal to 2.0 ms-2 at any time, the angular frequency of the oscillator is equal to

A bullet of mass 25 g moving with a velocity of 200 cm/s is stopped within 5 cm of the target. The average resistance offered by the target is

The displacement in metres of a body varies with time t in second as y = t2 – t – 2. The displacement is zero for a positive of t equal to

According to kinetic theory of gases, at absolute zero of temperature

One radian is equal to?

Just as a new experiment may suggest an alternative theoretical model, a theoretical advance may suggest what to look for in some for in some experiments. Which of the following experiments can be considered to support this claim?

Heat engine and refrigerator work on scientific principle :

The atmospheric pressure is 106 dyne/cm². What is its value in SI unit?

In SHM, graph of which of the following is a straight line?

A body of mass 20 kg is initially at a height of 3 m above the ground . It is lifted to a height of 2 m from that position. Its increase in potential energy is
(a) 100 J
(b) 392 J
(c) 60 J
(d) -100 J

In a system of units if force (F), acceleration (A) and time (T) are taken as fundamentals units then the dimensional formula of energy is

Atomicity of charge was discovered by

Physical quantities are

A passenger in a moving bus is thrown forward when the bus is suddenly stopped. This is explained

The scattering of light by molecules was discovered by

Two wires A and B are of the same length. The diameters are in the ratio 1 : 2 and the Youngs modulus are in ratio 2 : 1. if they are pulled by the same force, then their elongations will be in ratio

A black body at a temperature of 227°C radiates heat at the rate of 20 cal m-2s-1. When its temperature rises to 727°C, the heat radiated will be

A thermodynamical system is changed from state (P1, V1) to (P², V²) by two different processes, the quantity which will remain same is:

In a thermodynamic process, pressure of a fixed mass of the gas is changed in such a manner that the gas molecules give out 30 J of heat. Also, 10 J of work is done on the gas. If the internal energy of the gas was 40 J, what will be the final internal energy?

A particle performing uniform circular motion has angular momentum L. If its angular frequency is doubled and its kinetic energy halved, then the new angular momentum is

What is the dimensional formula of magnetic field?

A missile is launched with a velocity less than the escape velocity. The sum of its kinetic and potential energy is

A hollow cylinder and a solid cylinder having different mass diameter are released from rest simultaneously from the of an inclined plane. Which will reach the bottom first?

Nuclear reactor works on the scientific principle

Length of a simple pendulum executing simple harmonic motion is increased by 21%. The percentage increase in the time – period of the pendulum of increased length is

The displacement y of a particle executing periodic motion is given by y = 4 cos² (t/2) sin (1000t). This expression may be considered to be a result of superposition of the following number of harmonic motions.

A block of wood is placed on a surface. A force is applied parallel to the surface to move the body. The frictional force developed acts

When a compression is incident on rigid wall it is reflected as

A passenger sitting in a bus moving at uniform speed, feels pushed backward whenever the bus is accelerated forward. This type of force is called

Newtonian mechanics could not explain

Wave nature of electron was discovered by

Water rises up to a height of 5 cm in a capillary tube of radius 2 mm. what is the radius of the radius of the capillary tube if the water rises up to a height of 10 cm in another capillary?

The branch of science which deals with the study of stars is called

Which of the following units denotes the dimensions [ML2/Q2], where Q represents the electric charge?

Which of the following is a possible first step in applying the scientific method

An observer is moving towards a stationary source of frequency 250 Hz with a velocity of 40 m/s. If the velocity of sound is 330 m/s, the apparent frequency heard by the observer will be

One mole of mono atomic gas (g = 5/3) is mixed with one mole of diatomic gas (g = 7/5) what will be the value of g for the mixture?

A thin uniform, circular ring is rolling down an inclined plane of inclination 300 without slipping. Its linear acceleration along the inclined plane will be

A force F is given by F = at + bt², where t is time. What are the dimensions of a and b?

A car sometimes overturns while taking a turn. When it overturns, it is

A person with dark skin as compared to a person with white skin will experience

For increasing the angular velocity of an object by 10%, the kinetic energy has to be increased by

A resonance air column of length 40 cm resonates with a tuning fork of frequency 450 Hz. Ignoring end correction, the velocity of sound in air will be

A man of 60 kg weight is standing at rest on a platform. He jumps up vertically a distance of 1 m and the platform at the same instant moves horizontally forward with the result that the man lands 1 meter behind the point on the platform from where the took the jump the total work done by the man at the instant he lands is

If the length of seconds pendulum is increased by 2%, how may seconds it will lose per day?

The dimensions of kinetic energy is

A body of mass 10 kg is moved parallel to the ground, through a distance of 2 m. The work done against gravitational force is

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