System Of Particles And Rotational Motion

System Of Particles And Rotational Motion

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A thin uniform, circular ring is rolling down an inclined plane of inclination 300 without slipping. Its linear acceleration along the inclined plane will be

The moment of inertia of a uniform semicircular disc of mass M and radius about a line perpendicular to the plane of the disc through the centre is

If a body is rotating about an axis, passing through its centre of mass then its angular momentum is directed along its

Moment of inertia depends on

A hollow cylinder and a solid cylinder having different mass diameter are released from rest simultaneously from the of an inclined plane. Which will reach the bottom first?

The M.I. of uniform circular disc about a diameter is I. its M.I. about an axis perpendicular to its plane passing through a point on its rim will be

A particle performing uniform circular motion has angular momentum L. If its angular frequency is doubled and its kinetic energy halved, then the new angular momentum is

A solid sphere is rotating in free space. If the radius of the sphere is increased keeping mass same, which one of the following will not be affected?

Which is the wrong relation from the following?

For increasing the angular velocity of an object by 10%, the kinetic energy has to be increased by

A solid cylinder of mass 20 kg, has length 1 metre and radius 0.5m. then its momentum of inertia in kg m² about its geometrical axis is

A body of M.I. 3 kg m² rotating with an angular velocity 2 rad/s has the same K.E. as a mass of 12 kg moving with a velocity of

A particle moves for 20 s with velocity 3 m/s and then moves with velocity 4 m/s for another 20 s and finally moves with velocity 5 m/s for next 20 s. what is the average velocity of the particle?

A particle moves on a circular path with decreasing speed. Choose the correct statement.

Calculate the M.I. of a thin uniform ring about an axis tangent to the ring and in a plane of the ring, if its M.I. about an axis passing through the centre and perpendicular to plane is 4 kg m².

If I, a and t are the moment of inertia, angular acceleration and torque respectively of a body rotating about any axis with angular velocity w, then

A particle moves on a circular path with decreasing speed. Choose the correct statement.

A dancer on ice spins faster when she folds here arms. This is due to

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