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One of the two clocks on the earth is controlled by a pendulum and other by a spring. If both the clocks are taken to the moon, then which clock will have the same time โ€“ period of the earth?

In damped oscillation the directions of the restoring force and the resistive force

Spring is pulled down by 2 cm. What is amplitude of motion?

Length of a simple pendulum executing simple harmonic motion is increased by 21%. The percentage increase in the time โ€“ period of the pendulum of increased length is

The motion of a particle executing simple harmonic motion is given by X = 0.01 sin 100p (t + 0.05), where X is in metres ant t in second. The time period in second is

In the case of forced oscillations, which of the following statements is not true?

In SHM, graph of which of the following is a straight line?

In damped oscillation, the angular frequency of the oscillator

The bob of a simple pendulum is a spherical hollow ball filled with water. A plugged hall near the bottom of the oscillating bob gets suddenly unplugged. During observation, till water is coming out, the time -period of the oscillation would

The period of a simple harmonic oscillator is 2 sec. The ratio of its maximum velocity and maximum acceleration is

The maximum velocity for particle in SHM is 0.16 m/s and maximum acceleration is 0.64 m/s2. The amplitude is

When a particle performing uniform circular motion of radius 10 cm undergoes the SHM, what will be its amplitude?

The period of thin magnet is 4 sec. if it is divided into two equal halves then the time period of each part will be

The displacement y of a particle executing periodic motion is given by y = 4 cosยฒ (t/2) sin (1000t). This expression may be considered to be a result of superposition of the following number of harmonic motions.

Time period of simple pendulum of length l and a place where acceleration due to gravity is g is T. what is the period of a simple pendulum of the same length at a place where the acceleration due to gravity is 1.029 is,

For a magnet of time period T magnetic moment is M, if the magnetic moment becomes one fourth of the initial value, then the time period of oscillation becomes.

If a simple harmonic oscillator has got a displacement of 0.02 m and acceleration equal to 2.0 ms-2ย at any time, the angular frequency of the oscillator is equal to

The acceleration of particle executing S.H.M. when it is at mean position is

If a hole is bored along the diameter of the earth and a stone is dropped into the hole

If the length of seconds pendulum is increased by 2%, how may seconds it will lose per day?

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