Motion in a Plane

Motion in a Plane

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A car sometimes overturns while taking a turn. When it overturns, it is

A body makes a displacement of 4 m due East from a point O and then makes displacement of 3 m due North. Its resultant displacement from O

A can filled with water is revolved in a vertical circle of radius 4 metre and the water does not fall down. The time period of revolution will be

The total flight requires a time that is?

A car is moving with a speed of 30 m/s on a circular path of radius 500 m. Its speed is increasing at the rate of 2 m/s². The acceleration of the car is

A cyclist goes round a circular path of circumference 343 m in s. The angle made by him, with the vertical is

A coin kept on a rotating gramophone disc just begins to slip if its centre is at a distance of 8 cm from the centre of the disc. The angular velocity of the gramophone disc is then doubled. Through what distance, the coin should be shifted towards the centre, so that the coin will just slip?

When angular velocity changes with respect to time then?

One radian is equal to?

The path followed by a projectile is called its?

A body travels along the circumference of a circle of radius 2 m with a linear velocity of 6 m/s . Then its angular velocity is

A small body attached at the end of an inextensible string completes a vertical circle, then its

The word centripetal is derived from two Greek words meaning?

The angular velocity depends upon the rate of change of the?

The path of a particle is given by the expression y = at + bt², where a and b are constants . Y is the displacement at time t. Its velocity at any instant is given by

A body is traveling in a circle at constant speed. It

One radian is defined to be the angle subtended where the arc length S is exactly equal to the?

A body is moving along a circle with an increasing speed. It possesses?

The centripetal component of acceleration arises when?

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