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A body makes a displacement of 4 m due East from a point O and then makes displacement of 3 m due North. Its resultant displacement from O

Absolute error of the measurement is

A room temperature the r.m.s. velocity of the molecules of a certain diatomic gas is found to be 1930 m/sec. the gas is\

Energy is not carried by

Heat engine and refrigerator work on scientific principle :

A Carnot engine whose sink is at 300 K has an efficiency of 40%. By how much should the temperature of source be increased, so as to increase its efficiency by 50% of original efficiency?

A number of small drops of mercury coalesce adiabatically to form a single drop. The temperature of drop

Heliocentric theory proposed by Nicolas Copernicus was

Electric generator works on the scientific principle

The dimensional formula for speed is

A small body attached at the end of an inextensible string completes a vertical circle, then its

When the intermolecular distance increases due to tensile force, then

A body is traveling in a circle at constant speed. It

Which of the following units denotes the dimensions [ML2/Q2], where Q represents the electric charge?

Two soap bubbles have radii in the ratio of 4 : 3. What is the ratio of work done to below these bubbles?

Physics is a

Four wires of identical lengths, diameters and material and stretched on a sonometer box. The ratio of their tension is 1 : 4 : 9 : 16. the ratio of their fundamental frequencies is

Two masses 1 g and 4 g are moving with equal kinetic energies. The ratio of the magnitudes of their linear momenta is

A body of mass 10 kg is initially at a height of 20 m above the ground. It falls to a height of 5 m above the ground. Its potential energy in the new position is

Water rises up to a height of 4 cm, in a capillary tube immersed vertically in water. What will be the length of water column in the capillary tube, if the tube is immersed in water, at an angle of 60° with the vertical?

A rubber cord of cross sectional area 1 mm² and unstretched length 10 cm is stretched to 12 cm and then released to project a stone of mass 5 gram. If Y for rubber = 5 × 108N/m², then the tension in the rubber cord is

The scientific method is

Which of the following groups have different dimensions?

For a gas, the r.m.s. speed at 800K is

The earth receives at its surface radiation from the sun at the rate of 1400 W/m². the distance of the centre of the sun from the surface of the earth is 1.5 1011 m and the radius of the sun is 7.0 108 m. treating sun as a black body, it follows from the above data that its surface temperature is,

Which is the wrong relation from the following?

Time period of simple pendulum of length l and a place where acceleration due to gravity is g is T. what is the period of a simple pendulum of the same length at a place where the acceleration due to gravity is 1.029 is,

If the radius of the earth were to be raise by 1% its mass remaining the same, the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth will

The value of g at a particular point is 9.8 m/sec² suppose the earth suddenly shrink uniformly to half its present size without losing any mass. The value of g at the same point (assuming that the distance of the point from the centre of the earth does not shrink) will become

The total flight requires a time that is?

A solid cylinder of length 1 m and diameter of cross section y 100 cms is first placed with its axis vertical its then slowly inclined till its axis is horizontal. The loss in its potential energy if the mass of the cylinder is 10 kg is

The path followed by a projectile is called its?

In damped oscillation, the angular frequency of the oscillator

A boy starts from a point A, travels to a point B at a distance of 1.5 km and returns to A. If he takes one hour to do so, his average velocity is

A coin kept on a rotating gramophone disc just begins to slip if its centre is at a distance of 8 cm from the centre of the disc. The angular velocity of the gramophone disc is then doubled. Through what distance, the coin should be shifted towards the centre, so that the coin will just slip?

The centripetal component of acceleration arises when?

The frame of reference attached to a satellite of the earth is

A particle of mass 0.3 kg is subjected to a force F = -kx with k = 15 N/m. What will be its initial acceleration if it is released from a point 20 cm away from the origin?

Energy supplied to convert unit mass of substance from solid to liquid state at its melting point is called

In SHM, graph of which of the following is a straight line?

An electric heater of rating 1000 W is used for 5 hrs per day for 20 days. The electrical energy utilised is

A man of 60 kg weight is standing at rest on a platform. He jumps up vertically a distance of 1 m and the platform at the same instant moves horizontally forward with the result that the man lands 1 meter behind the point on the platform from where the took the jump the total work done by the man at the instant he lands is

If 2 kcal, of heat is supplied to a system cause to change the internal energy of a gas is 5030 J, and external work done is 3350 J, then what is mechanical equivalent of heat?

Hookes law essentially defines

A body starts from rest. If it travels with an acceleration of 2 m/s², its displacement at the end of 3 seconds is

An iron bar of length l m and cross section A m² is pulled by a force of F Newton from both ends so as to produce and elongation in meters. Which of the following statement statements is correct

There is no atmosphere on the moon because

Emissivity of perfectly black body is

Which one of the following represents the correct dimensions of the coefficient of viscosity?

One radian is equal to?

The dimensional formula for acceleration is

The dimensions of kinetic energy is

The earth intercepts approximately one billionth of the power radiated by the sun. if the surface temperature of the sun were to drop by a factor of 2, the average radiant energy incident on earth per second would reduce by factor of

The upper end of wire 1 m long and 2 mm radius is clamped. The lower end is twisted through an angle of 45°. The angle of shear is

Newtonian mechanics could not explain

In SI system the fundamental units are

A particle starting from the origin (0, 0) moves in a straight line in the (x, y) plane. Its coordinates at a later time are the path of the particle makes with the x-axis an angle of

The period of a simple harmonic oscillator is 2 sec. The ratio of its maximum velocity and maximum acceleration is

A body is projected vertically from the surface of the earth of radius R with velocity equal to half of the escape velocity. The maximum height reached by the body is

An ideal gas is that which can

In a thermodynamic process, pressure of a fixed mass of the gas is changed in such a manner that the gas molecules give out 30 J of heat. Also, 10 J of work is done on the gas. If the internal energy of the gas was 40 J, what will be the final internal energy?

In a wire, when elongation is 2 cm energy stored is E. if it is stretched by 10 cm, then the energy stored will be

The good absorber of heat are

At a certain temperature, hydrogen molecules have r.m.s. velocity of 3 km/s. what is the r.m.s velocity of the oxygen molecules at the same temperature?

A uniform chain of length 2 m is kept on a table such that a length of 60 cm hangs freely from the edge of the table. The total mass of the chain is 4 kg. What is the work done in pulling the entire chain on the table?

A boy starts from a point A, travels to a point B at a distance of 3 km from A and returns to A. If he takes two hours to do so, his speed is

A cyclist goes round a circular path of circumference 343 m in s. The angle made by him, with the vertical is

If a simple harmonic oscillator has got a displacement of 0.02 m and acceleration equal to 2.0 ms-2 at any time, the angular frequency of the oscillator is equal to

Which of the following is a possible final step in applying the scientific method

A bullet of mass 25 g moving with a velocity of 200 cm/s is stopped within 5 cm of the target. The average resistance offered by the target is

A quantity of work of 1000 J is done in 2 seconds. The power utilised is

The path of a particle is given by the expression y = at + bt², where a and b are constants . Y is the displacement at time t. Its velocity at any instant is given by

The motion of a particle executing simple harmonic motion is given by X = 0.01 sin 100p (t + 0.05), where X is in metres ant t in second. The time period in second is

When a particle performing uniform circular motion of radius 10 cm undergoes the SHM, what will be its amplitude?

Moment of inertia depends on

Longitudinal strain is possible in the case of

Which of the following parameters dose not characterize the thermodynamic state of matter?

Two wires A and B are of the same length. The diameters are in the ratio 1 : 2 and the Youngs modulus are in ratio 2 : 1. if they are pulled by the same force, then their elongations will be in ratio

What is the dimensional formula of magnetic field?

A particle moves for 20 s with velocity 3 m/s and then moves with velocity 4 m/s for another 20 s and finally moves with velocity 5 m/s for next 20 s. what is the average velocity of the particle?

To demonstrate the phenomenon of beats we need

A whistle giving out 450 Hz approaches a stationary observer at a speed of 33 m/s. The frequency heard by the observer in Hz is

The radii of two wires of a same material are in ratio 2 : 1. if the wires are stretched by equal forces, the stress produced in them will be

Two stars A and B radiate maximum energy at 3600°A and 3600°A respectively. Then the ratio of absolute temperatures of A and B is

A hollow cylinder and a solid cylinder having different mass diameter are released from rest simultaneously from the of an inclined plane. Which will reach the bottom first?

Which of the following pairs has the same dimensions?

A capillary tube when immersed vertically in a liquid records a rise of 3 cm. if the tube is immersed in the liquid at an angle of 60° with the vertical, then length of the liquid column along the tube will be

Wave nature of electron was discovered by

A body is sliding down a rough inclined plane which makes an angle of 30 degree with the horizontal. If the coeffcient of friction is 0.26, the acceleration in m/s² is

What would be the duration of the year if the distance between the earth and the sun gets doubled?

One mole of an ideal gas requires 207 J heat to raise the temperature by 10 K, when heated at constant pressure. If the same gas is heated at constant volume to raise the temperature by 10K, then heat required is

Which of the following statements is correct for any thermodynamic system?

A 180 metre long train is moving due north at a speed of 25 m/s. A small bird is flying due south, a little above the train, with a speed of 5 m/s. The time taken by the bird to cross the train is

A solid cylinder of mass 20 kg, has length 1 metre and radius 0.5m. then its momentum of inertia in kg m² about its geometrical axis is

If the length of seconds pendulum is increased by 2%, how may seconds it will lose per day?

The word Science originates from the Latin verb Scientia meaning

For a magnet of time period T magnetic moment is M, if the magnetic moment becomes one fourth of the initial value, then the time period of oscillation becomes.

The atmospheric pressure is 106 dyne/cm². What is its value in SI unit?

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These MCQs are intended for checking your PhysicsAll Chapters  knowledge!!

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The angle of minimum deviation for an equilateral glass prism is 30°. Refractive index of the prism is:

Communication channel consists of:

The audio frequencies range from:

Name the law which states that a varying electric field produces a magnetic field:

De-Broglie equation states the:

Which one of the following is the unit of electric field?

The modulation index in amplitude modulation is:

Power factor of an ac circuit is a measure of:

An iron core transformer with a turns ratio of 8 : 1 has 120 V applied across the primary. The voltage across the

The momentum of an electron that emits a wavelength of 2 Å. will be:

An antenna is:

On applying reverse bias to a junction diode, it:

Two points P and q are situated at the same distance from a source of light but on opposite sides. The plane difference between the light waves passing through P and q will be:

How many different resistances are possible with two equal resistors?

For germanium crystal, the forbidden energy gap in joules

An EMW of v = 3 MHz passes from vacuum into dielectric medium with permittivity Er = 4, then:

Two point charges +8q and -2q are located at ,v = O and ,v = L respectively. The location of a point on the .v-axis at which the net electric field due to these two point charges b is zero :

An electron is sent in an electric field of magnitude 9.1 × 106NC-1. The acceleration produced in it is :

The magnetic field is parallel to a surface, then the magnetic flux through the surface is :

A ray of light travelling in air is incident of a glass slab. The ray gets partly reflected and partly refracted. The phase difference between the reflected and the refracted waves is :

What is the ratio of inductive and capacitance reactance in an ac circuit?

If a certain piece of copper is to be shaped into a conductor of minimum resistance, its length (L) and cross-sectional area (a) shall respectively be :

An acceptor circuit is :

Which of the following laws was modified by Maxwell by introducing the displacement current?

In non-uniform electric field, electric dipole experiences:

The SI units of electric dipole moment are:

Which of the following is blocked by a capacitor ?

The ratio of specific charge of an alpha particle to the proton is:

The graph drawn between V are r for a non-conducting charged solid sphere of radius R for r < R will be :

A broadcast circute broadcasts at 300 m band. A condenser of capacitance 2.4 lµF is available. The value of the inductance required for resonant circuit is:

A soap bubble is given a negative charge, then its radius:

A transformer is used to light 100 W and 110 V lamp from a 220 V mains. If the main current is 0.5 A. Then the efficiency of the transformer is:

EMW are produced by:

Two wires of copper are of the same length but’have different diameters. When they are connected in series across a battery, the heat generated is H1 When connected in parallel across the same battery, the heat generated during the same time is H2 Then :

What is the angle of dip at the magnetic poles ?

The magnetic lines of force inside a bar magnet:

The concept of electron spin was introduced by:

Specific resistance of alkali metals is mostly affected by:

Poisson’s bright spot was discovered by:

Choose the wrong statement?

In a moving coil galvanometer, we use a radial magnetic field so that the galvanometer scale is :

The strength of photoelectric current depends upon :

In space communication, the sound waves can be sent from one place to another:

The velocity of electromagnetic wave is:

P-decay produces:

If I current is flowing inductance L, then the dimension of 3/2 LI² is equivalent to:

Protons and alpha particles have the same de-Broglie wavelength. What is same for both of them ?

Bonds in a semiconductor :

Rutherford is the unit of:

A current carrying power line carries current from west to east. Then the direction of the magnetic field 2 m above it is :

If radio active nuclei emits β-particle, then mass-number:

A beam of light is incident at 60° to a plane surface. The reflected and refracted rays are perpendicular to each other. What is the R.I. of the surface:

Two lens of power -15 D and +5 D are placed in contact co-axially. The focal length of equivalent lens is:

Given three equal resistors, how many different combinations (taken all of them together) can be made?

Millikan’s oil drop experiment makes use of:

Which of the following is not a unit of magnetic induction?

Three charges + 3q + q and Q are placed on a st. line with equal separation. In order to maket the net force on q to be zero, the value of Q will be :

A single slit diffraction pattern is obtained using a beam of red light What happened the red light is replaced by the blue light?

The length of a conductor is halved. Its resistance will be :

The coupling co-efficient of the perfectly coupled coils is:

Who first demonstrated the existence of em waves?

On quadrupling the moment of inertia of a magnet, its frequency of oscillation will become:

The resistance of a human body is about:

In semi conductor which are responsible for conduction:

The no. of turns in the primary coil of a transformer is 200 and the no. of turns in the secondary is 10. If 240 V a.c. is applied to primary, the output from the secondary

For sustained interference, we need two sources which
emit radiations :

If the magnetic flux linked with a coil through which a current off ampere is set up is ∅, then the coefficient of self-inductance of the coil is:

Which of the following is not transducer?

A bird sitting on a high power line:

The term used “to collect the information about an object and a place without physical contact” is called :

Who undertook the first space walk and in which year?

A capacitor is connected to a cell of emf E having some internal resistance r, the potential across the:

When a polaroid is rotated, the intensity of light does not vary. The incident light may be:

Radius of 1st Bohr orbit is a0 (= 0.529 Å) What is the radius of 2nd Bohr orbit?

Faraday constant:

Which of-the following is not a property of light?

Name the man who was first to place his foot on the moon and in which year:

The refractive indices (R.I.) of glass and water with respect to air are 3/2 and 4/3 respectively. The R.I. of glass w.r. to water is:

If ue and um arc the electric and magnetic field densities in an electromagnetic wave, then (c is the speed of light):

The binding energy of a deuteron is about:

S.I. unit of flux is :

The speed at which the current travels in a conductor is nearly:

The dielectric constant of a metal is:

The sensitivity of a tangent galvanometer can be increased by increasing:

Circular loop of radius 0.0157 m carries a current 2 A. The magnetic field at the centre of the loop is :

To obtain p-type silicon semiconductor, we need to dope pure silicon with:

For ionization of excited Hydrogen atom, the, required energy is:

Number of electrons in the valence shell of a semiconductor is:

In Thomson’s experiment number of parabola gives :

Which of the following radiations cannot eject photo electrons?

In Young double slit experiment, a minimum is obtained when the phase difference of the superposing waves, is (n ∈ l):

The dimensional representation of cu will be :

A current carrying power line carries current from west to east. What will be direction of magnetic field 1 meter above it?

Twenty seven drops of mercury are charged simultaneously to the same potential of 10 volts. What will be potential if all the charged drops are made to combine to form one large drop ?

Energy dissipates in LCR circuit in :

When we double the radius of a coil keeping the current through it unchanged, what happens to the magnetic field directed along its axis at far off points?

The number of electron-taken out from a body to produce 1 coulomb of charge will be :

The magnetic flux (∅) linked with a coil is related to the number of turns (N) of the coil as:

What is the de-Broglie wavelength of an electron accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 100 volts?

On reflection from a denser medium, a light wave suffers a phase difference of:

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