surface chemistry

surface chemistry

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Shape selective catalysis is a reaction catalysed by

Tyndall effect confirms the

Which of the following can adsorb larger volume of hydrogen gas?

Volume of one mole of any gas at NTP is

Which kind of catalysis can be explained on the basis of adsorption theory ?

Which of the following will not form a colloidal system?

The oxide of nitrogen which acts as a catalyst in lead chamber process is

A colloidal system is which liquid is dispersed phase and solid is dispersion medium is classified as

The activity of an enzyme becomes ineffective

Which of the following is not correct for enzyme catalysis?

Which of the following gases present in a polluted area will be adsorbed most easily on the charcoal gas mask?

Presence of traces of arsenious oxide (As2O3) in the reacting gases SO2 and Oin presence of plantinised asbestos in contact process acts as

Which of the following types of metals make the most efficient catalyst?

Which one of the following is alyophilic colloid?

Fog in an example of colloidal system of

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