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Which of the following solutions of NaCl will have the highest specific condutance ?

The specific conductance of a N/10 KCl at 25°C is 0.0112 ohm-1 cm-1. The resistance of cell containing solution at the same temperature was found to be 55 ohms. The cell constant will be

At infinite dilution, the eq. conductannces of CH3COONa, HCl and CH3COOH are 91, 426 and 391 mho cm2 respectively at 25°C, The eq. conductance of NaCl at infinite dilution will be :

The ionization constant of a weak electrolyte is 25 × 10-6 while the equivalent conductance of its 0.01 M solution is 19.6 S cm2       eq-1. The equivalent conductance of the electrolyte at infinite dilution (in S cm2 eq-1 ) will be

The specific conductivity of a saturated solution of AgCl is 3.40 × 10-6 ohm-1cm-1 at 25 ºC. If  λAg+ = 62.3 ohm-1cm2 mol-1 & λcl = 67.7 ohm-1cm2 mol-1, the solubility of AgCl at 25º C is :

The specific conductance of a salt of 0.01 M concentration is 1.061 × 10-4 molar conductance of the same solution will be :

If the specific resistance of a solution of concentration C g equivalent litre-1 is R, then its equivalent conductance is :

The equivalent conductivity of 0.1 N CH3COOH at 25°C is 80 and at infinite dilution 400. The degree of dissociation of CH3COOH is :

The equivalent conductance of 32 M solution of a weak monobasic acid is 8.0 mho cm2 and at infinite dilution
is 400 mho cm2. The dissociation constant of this acid is :

Molar conductivities (Λºm) at infinite dilution of NaCl, HCl and CH3COONa are 126.4, 425.9 and 91.0 S cm2 mol-1 respectIvely. Λºm for CH3COOH will be :

Resistance of 0.1 M KCl solution in a conductance cell is 300 ohm and conductivity is 0.013 Scm-1. The value of cell constant is :

The value of λm for NH4Cl, NaOH and NaCl are 129.8, 248.1 and 126.4 ohm-1 cm2 mol-1 respectively.
Calculate λm for NH4OH solution (in ohm-1 cm2 mol-1)

The molar conductance at infinite dilution of AgNO3, AgCl and NaCl are 116.5, 121.6 and 110.3 respectively. The molar conductances of NaNO3 is :

The specific conductance of a 0.01 M solution of KCl is 0.0014 ohm-1 cm-1 at 25°C, Its equivalent conductance
(cm2 ohm-1 equiv-1 M) is :

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