D and F Block Elements

d & f Block Elements

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Which one of the following is called green vitriol?

The number of unpaired electrons in gaseous species of Mn3+, Cl3+ and V3+ respectively are and the most stable species is

Colour of transition metal ions are due to absorption of some wavelength. This results in

What happens when potassium iodide reacts with acidic solution of potassium dichromate?

The number of moles of KMnO4 that are needed to react completely with one mole of ferrous oxalate in acidic solution is

In which of the following pairs of ions, the lower oxidation state in aqueous solution is more stable than the other?

Zr and Hf have almost equal atomic and ionic radii because of

Which of the following is not an amphoteric ion?

Which of the following is not an element of first transition series?

Most abundant element in earth’s crust is

Which of the following pairs of ions have the same electronic configuration?

Which one of the following is diamagnetic ion?

Lanthanoid contraction is due to increase in

Shape of d-orbital is

Oxidation number of gold metal is

The melting points of Cu, Ag and Au follow the order

Which block of elements are known as transition elements?

Electronic configuration of alkaline earth element is

Fe3+ ion is more stable than Fe2+ ion because

The melting point of copper is higher than that of zinc because

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