Coordination Compounds

Coordination Compounds 1

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Which of the following will not show geometrical isomerism?

The ligand N(CH2CH2NH2) is

The name of the linkage isomer of |C0(NH3)5NO2|Cl2 will be

The number of possible isomers for the complex |Co(C2O4)2 (NH3)2|

The complex ion which has no d-electrons in the central metal atom is

Which of the following isomers will give white precipitate with BaCl2 solution?

Which of the following shows maximum number of isomers?

Which of the following compounds exhibits linkage isomerism?

The correct IUPAC name of the following compound is |Cr(NH3)5(NCS)||ZnCl4|

K2[Fe(CN)6] is a/an

For the square planar complex |Mabcd| where M is the central atom and a, b. c, d are monodentate ligands, the number of possible geometrical isomers are

According to Werner’s theory of coordination compounds

|Pt(NH3)4| |CuCl4| and |Cu(NH3)4||PtCl4| are known as

Which of the following ligands form a chelate?

Which of the following complex species is not expected to exhibit optical isomerism?

Which of the following compounds has tetrahedral geometry?

Which of the following ligands will not show chelation?

The oxidation state of nickel in |(Ni(CO4)| is

The correct IUPAC name of the coordination compound K3|Fe(CN)5NO| is

Correct formulae of tetraaminechloronitroplatinum (IV) sulphate can be written as

The hybridisation involved in [Co(C2O4)3]3- is

Which of the following is not a neutral ligand?

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