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Class 12 FULL Chemistry

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Which of the following ores is concentrated by chemical leaching method?

Which of the following is a condensation polymer?

Volume of one mole of any gas at NTP is

Which of the following molecules has highest dipole moment?

Which of the following amides will give ethylamine on reaction with sodium hypobromide ?

An unknown alcohol is treated with “Lucas reagent” to determine whether the alcohol is primary, secondary or tertiary. Which alcohol reacts fastest and by what mechanism?

During acetylation of glucose it needs ,v moles of.acetic anhydride. The value of x would be

Which of the following reactions follows Markovnikov’s rule?

Terylene is a condensation polymer of ethylene glycol and

The reaction between phenol and chloroform in the presence of aqueous NaOH is

The number of possible isomers for the complex |Co(C2O4)2 (NH3)2|

If the specific resistance of a solution of concentration C g equivalent litre-1 is R, then its equivalent conductance is :

What happens when tertiary butyl alcohol is passed over heated copper at 300°C?

In which of the following pairs of ions, the lower oxidation state in aqueous solution is more stable than the other?

Glycosidic linkage is an

The oxidation state of nickel in |(Ni(CO4)| is

Resistance of 0.1 M KCl solution in a conductance cell is 300 ohm and conductivity is 0.013 Scm-1. The value of cell constant is :

Starch is composed of two polysaccharides which arc

Natural rubber is a polymer of

Which of the following polymers does not involve cross-linkages?

Amine that cannot be prepared by Gabricl-Phthalmidie synthesis is

How many number of atoms are there in a cube based unit cell having one atom on each corner and two atoms
on each body diagonal of cube ?

Arrange the following compounds in increasing order of basicity:
CH3NH2, (CH3)2 NH, NH3, C6H5NH2

For which of the following ores froth floatation method is used for concentration?

The end product Z of the reaction
MCQ Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 13 Amines with Answers 6

Phenol when treated with excess of bromine water gives a white precipitate of

Identify the correct pathway to convert propanoic acid to ethylamine. The reagent represented by A, B and C are
MCQ Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 13 Amines with Answers 2

In which of the following allotropes of carbon, percentage of carbon is maximum?

Which of the following is not correct for enzyme catalysis?

Ore of aluminium is

The melting point of copper is higher than that of zinc because

Which of the following metals is not extracted by leaching?

Aldehydes other than formaldehyde react with Grignard’s reagent to give addition products which on hydrolysis give

Which one of the following is diamagnetic ion?

An alcohol X when treated with hot cone. H2SO4 gave an alkene Y with formula C4H8. This alkene on ozonolysis gives single product with molecular formula C2H4O. The alcohol is

Reduction of CH3CH2NC with hydrogen in presence of Ni or Pt as catalyst gives

Which of the following will not show geometrical isomerism?

If the radius of an atom of an element is 75 pm and the lattice is body centred cubic, the edge of the unit cell will
be :

The product of hydrolysis of ozonide of 1-butene are

Which of the following will form an ideal solution ?

MCQ Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 13 Amines with Answers 5
in the above reaction is

Terfenadine is commonly used as

The chemical reaction, 2O3 → 3O2 proceeds as O3  O2 + |O| (fast) |O| + O3 → 2O2 (slow) The rate law expression will be

In a reaction, 2X → Y, the concentration of X decreases from 0.50 M to 0.38 M in 10 min. What is the rate of reaction in Ms-1 during this interval ?

Which among the following is most reactive to give nucleophilic addition?

The hybridisation of carbon in diamond is

Aldehydes that do not undergo aldol condensation are
1. propanal
2. trichloroethanal
3. 2-phenylethanal
4. fethanal
5. benzaldehyde

The decomposition of dimethyl ether is a fractional order reaction. The rate is given by rate =k(PCH3OCH3)3/2. If the pressure is measured in bar and time in minutes, then what are the units of rate and rate constant?

The number of molecules of the reactants taking part in a single step of the reaction is indicative of

Acid catalysed dehydration of t-butanol is faster than that of n-butanol because

Which of the following treatment will convert starch directly into glucose?

This reaction is an example of
MCQ Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes with Answers 1

The drugs which are given to the patients suffering from anxiety and mental tension are known as

Which of the following sulphides when heated strongly in air gives the corresponding metal without undergoing separate reduction of oxide?

The general formula of carbohydrates is

Which of the following amines will give carbylatnine reaction?

The correct IUPAC name of the following compound is |Cr(NH3)5(NCS)||ZnCl4|

If the radius of metal atom is 1.00 Å and its crystal structure is simple cubic, then what is the volume of one unit
cell ?

What are the hydrolysis products of sucrose?

The major product of acid catalysed dehydration of 2-methylcyclohexanol and butan-1-ol are respectively

The correct IUPAC name of the coordination compound K3|Fe(CN)5NO| is

The reaction of toluene with chlorine in presence of FeCl3 gives predominantly.

What is the end product in the following sequence of reactions?
MCQ Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 13 Amines with Answers 4

The final product (Y) in the following sequence of chemical reaction is
MCQ Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids with Answers 5

The compound having general formula CnH2n+2 is

Study the given reaction and identify the process which is carried out
MCQ Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids with Answers 3

Arrange the following alcohols in order of increasing reactivity towards sodium metal.
(i) (CH3)3C-OH
(ii) (CH3)2CH-OH
(iii) CH3CH2OH

The unit of rate and rate constant are same for

Some drugs do not bind to the enzyme’s active site, instead bind to a different site of enzyme. This site is called

Propanone on reaction with alkyl magnesium bromide followed by hydrolysis will produce

What happens when potassium iodide reacts with acidic solution of potassium dichromate?

The rate constant of a reaction depends upon

The negative part of the addendum (the molecule to be added) adds on the carbon atom of the double bond containing the least number of hydrogen atoms. This rule is known as

Rate constant in case of first order reaction is

General formula of Alkene is

The S in buna-S refers to

Which of the following can adsorb larger volume of hydrogen gas?

What is the basic formulae for starch?

In the reaction A + B→ Products, the doubling of [A], increases the reaction rate to four times, but doubling of [B] has no effect on the reaction rate. The rate expression is….

The overall rate of a reaction is governed by

Which of the following form ideal solution?

Half life period of a first order reaction is 10 min. What percentage of the reaction will be completed in 100 min?

The chemical substances used to bring down body temperature in high fever are known as

_____does not affect the rate of reaction.

For the square planar complex |Mabcd| where M is the central atom and a, b. c, d are monodentate ligands, the number of possible geometrical isomers are

The oil used as frothing agent in froth floatation process is

8 g NaOH is dissolved in one litre of solution, its molarity is :

Which of the following ores cannot be concentrated by magnetic separation?

Which of the following compounds will have highest melting point?

The rate of reaction of spontaneous reaction is generally very slow. This is due to the fact that:

Diamond belongs to the crystal system :

Fe3+ ion is more stable than Fe2+ ion because

Which of the following can be used as an analgesic without causing addiction?

Which of the following metals cannot be obtained by reduction of its metal oxide by aluminium ?

Identify the correct IUPAC name

Barbituric acid and its derivatives are well known as

For a reaction pA + qB→ Products. Rate = K[A]m [B]n. Then

Secondary amines can be prepared by

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Class 11 FULL Chemistry

These MCQs are intended for checking your ChemistryAll Chapters  knowledge!!

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Which of the following is most soluble in water?

Which of the following element was absent in the Mendeleev's periodic table :-

Hydrogen combines with other elements by

An atom which has lost one electron would be

Which of the following statement is false :-

In O2 and H2O2, then O-O bond lengths are 1.21 and 1.48Å respectively. In ozone, the average O-O bond length is

Which of the following compound show resonance ?

Which of the following statement is correct for diborane ?

The number of electrons in [19K40] - is

Resonance effect involves :

Which alkali metal has highest tendency for half reaction; M(g) → M+(aq) + 1e-?

Select the incorrect statement.

Which solid will have weakest intermolecular forces ?

The elements which are cited as an example to prove the validity of mendeleev's periodic law are

Thermal stability of alkaline earth metal carbonates in decreasing order is

The boiling points of hydrides of group 16 are in the order :

Identify the incorrect statement about the structure of diborane.

Atomic weight of an element is not necessarily
whole number because

Identify the wrong statement in the following:

H2O2 is manufactured these days

The equilibrium constant for the reaction N2 (g) + O2 (g) ⇌ 2NO(g) is 4 × 10-4 at 2000K . In presence of a catalyst ,
equilibrium is attained ten times faster . Therefore , The Equilibrium constant in presence of the catalyst at 2000K is

Lead pipes are not used for carrying drinking water because

The strength in volumes of a solution containing 30.36g litre of H2O2 is

The nitrogen atom has 7 protons and 7 electrons, the nitride ion (N3-) will have

The element with atomic number Z = 115 will be placed in :-

An element having atomic number 25 and atomic
weight 55 will have –

The percentage of para hydrogen in ordinary hydrogen increases when:

Nitrogen atom has an atomic number of 7 and oxygen has an atomic number 8. The total number of electrons in a nitrate ion (NO3) will be

The oxidation number of N in NH4Cl is

Which of the following cannot be oxidized by H2O2?

Which of the following statement is correct?

Which of the following gives CO2 on heating?

Oxidation number of sulphur in S2O32- is

The false statement among the followings:

Solubility of alkali metal carbonates

Among the Lanthanides the one obtained by synthetic method is :–

When KMnO4 is reduced with oxalic acid in acidic solution, the oxidation number of Mn
changes from

A crystalline solid

The element exhibiting most stable
+ 2 oxidation state among the following is

When CuSO4 reacts with KI, the oxidation number of Cu
changes by

Electron density order in the benzene nucleus is

Electrolysis of 𝑋 gives 𝑌 at anode. Vacuum distillation of 𝑌 gives H2O2. The number of peroxy (O - O) bonds present in 𝑋 and 𝑌 respectively are

When sodium reacts with excess of oxygen, oxidation number of oxygen changes from

Which of the following is not correct regarding the electrolytic preparation of H2O2?

Which one is the most stable carbonate?

for the reaction Ag2O(s) ➜ 2Ag(s) + ½O2(g),
which one of the following is true -

Which of the following are isoelectronic with one
another ?

A mixture of 2 moles of carbon monoxide and one
mole of oxygen in a closed vessel is ignite to get
carbon dioxide. If ∆H is the enthalpy change and
∆E is the change in internal energy, then -

Which of the following is isoelectronic with N2O

The thermal stability of hydrides of oxygen family is in order :

The major binding force in silicon is

In which of the following molecule, the mesomeric effect is present ?

Oxygen has oxidation states of +2 in

Charge on a positron is equal to that of :

Which of the following is always a whole number

Inductive effect involves :

Temporary hardness may be removed from water by adding

The angle strain in cyclobutane is

Which is not characteristic of 𝛑-bond:

Which of the following mainly forms metal oxide on heating in air?

For CaCO3(s) ∆ CaO(s) + CO2(g) at 977°C, ∆H = 174 KJ/mol; then ∆E is -

Select the compound in which chlorine
is assigned the oxidation number +5

The difference between heats of reaction at
constant pressure and constant volume for the
reaction 2C6H6(I) + 15O2(g) ➜12CO2(g)+ 6H2O(I) at 25°C in KJ is -

Solubility of the alkaline earth’s metal sulphates in water decreases in the sequence

The work done by a system is 8 J when 40 J heat is
supplied to it. The change in internal energy of the
system during the process -

The ionic character of alkali metal chlorides follows the order:

The decomposition of H2O2 can be slowed down by the addition of small amount of phosphoric acid which acts as:

IUPAC name of the element placed just after actinide series :-

When H2O2 is added to acidic ferrous sulphate solutions:

Which of the following statement is wrong :-

Decreasing –I effect of given groups is :
(i) –CN (ii) –NO2 (iii) –NH2 (iv) –Cl

Oxidation state of Fe in Fe3O4 is

The atomic number of an element represents

Pair of amphoteric hydroxides is

For which of the following reactions ∆H is less than ∆E -

Solution of sodium metal in liquid ammonia is strongly reducing due to the presence in solution of the following

In XeO3 and XeF6
the oxidation state of Xe is

The sum of protons, electrons and neutrons in the heaviest isotope of hydrogen is

RbO2 is

Identify the statement that is not correct as far as structure of diborane is concerned.

In lab H2O2 is prepared by

What is the net charge on ferrous ion

A disease caused by eating fish contaminated by industrial waste, containing mercury compounds, is called as

Which of the following acts as both reducing and oxidising agents?

In which of the following delocalisation of 𝝿-electron is possible.

Sodium atom differs from sodium ion in the number of

Which of the following reactions produces hydrogen?

Radioactive isotope of hydrogen is

Which of the following is an amphoteric hydroxide?

Nitrobenzene on reaction with conc. HNO3/H2SO4 at 80 – 100°C forms which one of the following products?

Which of the following has highest bond strength :

The acidified solution of FeCl3 is reduced by passing:

Arrange the following groups in order of decreasing –m effect.
(i) NO2 (ii) COOH (iii) CN (iv) CHO

Manufacture of H2 is made by:

In which of the excitation state of chlorine ClF3 is formed:

Which one of the following pairs represents
isobars -

Solubilities of group (II) carbonates, sulphates, phosphates decreases down the group, this is due to

The lowest alkene, that is capable of exhibiting geometrical isomerism is

The charge on the atom having 17 protons, 18
neutrons and 18 electrons is

A signature written with carbon pencil weights 1 mg. What is the number of carbon atoms present in the signature?

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