Structure of Atoms

Structure of Atoms 1

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The mass charge ratio for A+
ion is 1.97 × 10-7 kg C-1. Calculate the mass of A atom.

An element having atomic number 25 and atomic
weight 55 will have –

If the table of atomic masses were established with the oxygen atom and assigned value of 100, then the mass of
carbon atom would be, approximately :-

Which of the following is isoelectronic with N2O

A neutral atom (atomic No. > 1) consists of :

Millikan's oil drop experiments is used to find -

Atomic radius is of the order of 10-8 cm and
nuclear radius is of the order of 10-13 cm.
Calculate what fraction of atom is occupied by
nucleus ?

Rutherford’s α - particle scattering experiments led to the conclusion that

Which of the following pairs have identical value of e/m?

Which of the following are isoelectronic with one
another ?

Charge on a positron is equal to that of :

The fraction of volume occupied by the nucleus
with respect to the total volume of an atom is

Which one of the following pairs represents
isobars -

Atomic weight of an element is not necessarily
whole number because

The charge on the atom having 17 protons, 18
neutrons and 18 electrons is

Which of the following statements is incorrect for anode rays ?

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