Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Some Basic Concept of Chemistry 1

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Mass of 1 atom of Hydrogen is -

An atom has 26 electrons and its atomic weight is 56. The number of neutrons in the nucleus of the atom will be

The number of electrons in one molecule of CO2 are

The number of electrons in [19K40] - is

Sodium atom differs from sodium ion in the number of

The number of electrons in the atom which has 20 protons in the nucleus is

Arrange the following in order of decreasing mass
i. 1F atom ii. 1 N atom
iii. 1 O atoms iv. 1 H atom

19.7 kg of gold was recovered from a smuggler. How many atoms of gold were recovered?
(Au =197)

The number of electrons in Cl- ion is

In the nucleus of 20Ca40 there are

Which of the following has least mass?

Nitrogen atom has an atomic number of 7 and oxygen has an atomic number 8. The total number of electrons in a nitrate ion (NO3) will be

The nucleus of the element 21E45 contains

The mass of an atom is constituted mainly by

How many moles of Helium gas occupy 22.4 L at 0°C at 1 atm. pressure?

The nucleus of the element having atomic number 25 and atomic weight 55 will contain

Which of the following atom has more electrons than neutrons

Which of the following is always a whole number

An atom which has lost one electron would be

Which of the following has the largest number of atoms?

The atomic number of an element represents

In 5g atom of Ag (at. wt. = 108), calculate the no. of atoms of Ag -

The ratio between the neutrons in C and Si with respect to atomic masses 12 and 28 is

The nitrogen atom has 7 protons and 7 electrons, the nitride ion (N3-) will have

The nucleus of the atom consists of

Chlorine atom differs from chloride ion in the number of

Positive ions are formed from the neutral atom by the

A signature written with carbon pencil weights 1 mg. What is the number of carbon atoms present in the signature?

Which of the following will weigh maximum amount-

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