P-block Elements

P-block Elements 1

These MCQs are intended for checking your Chemistry subject, Chapter P-block Elements knowledge.

Identify the incorrect statement about the structure of diborane.

Which of the following statement is correct for diborane ?

Which of the following statements are correct ?
(a) NH3 has higher boiling point than SbH3 dues to H-bonding .
(b) NH3 produces deep blue colouration with soluble copper (II) salts.
(c) Pure nitrogen can be obtained by the thermal decomposition of sodium or barium azide.
(d) N2 is used for creating inert atmosphere in iron and steel industry.

Which of the following products are obtained when BCl3 reacts with water ?

From the B2H2 all the following can be prepared except :

The increasing thermal stability of the hydrides of group 16 follows the sequence :

Diborane reacts with water to form :

The boiling points of hydrides of group 16 are in the order :

The thermal stability of hydrides of oxygen family is in order :

The boiling points of the following hydrides follow the order

Which of the following statements is false ?

Identify the statement that is not correct as far as structure of diborane is concerned.

Which of the following has highest bond strength :

Which of the following hydride is most acidic ?

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