Hydrogen 1

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20 volume H2O2 solution has a strength of about

Which is not present in clear hard water?

The acidified solution of FeCl3 is reduced by passing:

The alum used for purifying water is

The volume strength of 1.5 N H2O2 solution is

Which substance cannot be reduced by H2O2?

The hardness of water is estimated by

Which of the following is correct about heavy water?

Which position for hydrogen explain all its properties?

H2O2 is formed by which of the following compounds?

Blackened oil painting can be restored into original form by the action of

Molecular weight of heavy water is

Which statement is not correct for ortho and para hydrogen?

Hydrogen acts as a reducing agent and thus resembles

Which of the following reactions produces hydrogen?

TiH1.73 is an example of ∶

An element reacts with hydrogen to form a compound A which on treatment with water liberates hydrogen gas. The
element can be

𝐾𝑎 of H2O2 is of the order of

Radioactive isotope of hydrogen is

When H2O2 is added to acidic ferrous sulphate solutions:

The volume of oxygen liberated from 15 mL of 20 volume H2O2 is

Which of the following explanation is best for not placing hydrogen with alkali metals or halogen?

H2O2 on treatment with chlorine gives:

Hydrogen readily combines with non-metals and thus it shows its

In O2 and H2O2, then O-O bond lengths are 1.21 and 1.48Å respectively. In ozone, the average O-O bond length is

In lab H2O2 is prepared by

Which of the following acts as both reducing and oxidising agents?

When electric current is passed through an ionic hydride in the molten state

Electrolysis of 𝑋 gives 𝑌 at anode. Vacuum distillation of 𝑌 gives H2O2. The number of peroxy (O - O) bonds present in 𝑋 and 𝑌 respectively are

On shaking H2O2 with acidified potassium dichromate and ether, ethereal layer becomes

Lead pipes are not used for carrying drinking water because

In transforming 0.01 mole of PbS to PbSO4, the volume of ’10 volume’ H2O2 required will be

Which of the halogen has maximum affinity for hydrogen?

The strength in volumes of a solution containing 30.36g litre of H2O2 is

Which pair does not show hydrogen isotopes?

Which of the following is not true?

Hydrogen does not combine with

H2O2 is manufactured these days

Hydrogen loses its electron to form H+ion. In this respect it resembles to:

The percentage of para hydrogen in ordinary hydrogen increases when:

Oil paintings turn blackish after sometimes. The salt formed is

Manufacture of H2 is made by:

Temporary hardness may be removed from water by adding

Which one of the following removes temporary hardness of water?

The decomposition of H2O2 can be slowed down by the addition of small amount of phosphoric acid which acts as:

Which of the following is not correct regarding the electrolytic preparation of H2O2?

The ortho and para hydrogen possess:

Hydrogen combines with other elements by

Ortho-hydrogen and para-hydrogen resembles in which of the following property

Which of the following cannot be oxidized by H2O2?

The sum of protons, electrons and neutrons in the heaviest isotope of hydrogen is

When same amount of zinc is treated separated with excess of sulphuric acid and excess of sodium hydroxide
solution the ratio of volume of hydrogen evolved is

Which of the following process permanent hardness of water can be removed, by adding

Which substance does not speed up decomposition of H2O2?

HCl is added to the following oxides which one would give H2O2

The H − O − O bond angle in H2O2 is

The volume of oxygen liberated from 15 ml of 20 volume H2O2 is

H2 acts as an oxidant in its reaction with:

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