Equilibrium 1

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For a reaction N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3 , the value of Kc would depend upon

For the gas phase reaction , 2NO (g) ⇌ N2(g) + O2(g) , ∆H = -43.5 K cal , which one of the following is true for
N2(g) + O2(g) ⇌ 2NO(g)

Ammonia gas at 76cm Hg pressure was connected to a manometer . After sparking in the flask ammonia partially
dissociated as follows 2NH3 (g) ⇌ N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) The level in the mercury column of the manometer was found to
show the difference of 18cm . The partial pressure of H2 (g) at equilibrium is

The Initial pressure of COCl2 is 1000 torr . The total pressure of the system becomes 1500 torr when the equilibrium
COCl2 (g) ⇌ CO (g) + Cl2 (g) is attained at constant temperature.
The value of Kp of a reaction is

For the Equilibrium
H2O (s) ⇌ H2O (l)
Which of the following statement is true ?

The first and second dissociation constants of an acid H2A are 1.0 × 10-5 and 5.0 × 10-10 respectively. The overall
dissociation constant of the acid will be

At -50℃ , the self ionization constant (ion product) of NH3
is KNH3 = 10-33M2. How many amide ions are present per
mm3 of pure liquid ammonia ?

For the given reaction 2A(s) + B(g) ⇌ C (g) + 2D (s) + E (s) the degree of dissociation of B was found to be 20% at
300K and 24% at 500K . The rate of forward

In which of the following cases does the reaction go farthest to completion.

In a closed System : A (s) ⇌ 2B(g) + 3C (g) if the partial pressure of C is doubled , then partial pressure of B will be√2

The gas A2 in the left flask allowed to react with gas B2 present in right flask as

A2 (g) + B2 (g) ⇌ 2AB (g) ; Kc = 4 at 27℃

What is the concentration of AB when Equilibrium is established ?

20 ml of O2 contracts to 17 ml when subjected to silent electric discharge in an Ozoniser .What is the volume of O2 formed at equilibrium ?

The reactions , PCl5 (g) ⇌ PCl3 (g) + Cl2 (g) and COCl2 (g) ⇌ CO (g) + Cl2 (g) are simultaneously in equilibrium in an Equilibrium box at constant volume . A few moles of CO(g) are later introduced into the vessel . After sometime the new Equilibrium Concentration of

Consider the following reaction,
C (s , diamond) ⇌ C (s, graphite) + heat and choose the correct option

The equilibrium constant for the reaction N2 (g) + O2 (g) ⇌ 2NO(g) is 4 × 10-4 at 2000K . In presence of a catalyst ,
equilibrium is attained ten times faster . Therefore , The Equilibrium constant in presence of the catalyst at 2000K is

For the equilibrium SO2 (g) + ½ O2(g) ⇌ SO3 (g) ; ∆H = -99.0 KJ. The extent of forward reaction can be increased by

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