Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 1

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Which is not characteristic of 𝛑-bond:

Which of the following does not act as lewis acid?

Which of the following overlapping is strongest?

Higher is the bond order, greater is:

A sigma bond is formed by the overlapping of:

Which compound of xenon is not possible?

In which of the excitation state of chlorine ClF3 is formed:

In the protonation of H2O, change occurs in

Among the following element group number is not equals to valence electrons:

The strength of bonds by 2s – 2s, 2p – 2p and 2p – 2s overlapping has the order:

Which overlapping in involved in HCl molecule:

𝛑-bond is formed:

p – p overlapping will be observed in the molecules of:

Which of the following elements can-not exhibit sp3d hybridization state:
(a) CΒ  Β (b) PΒ  Β (c) ClΒ  Β (d) B
Correct answer is:

Similarity of fluorine and oxygen may not be attributed to

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