Strategies For Enhancement in Food Production


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Which of the following is improved variety of chicken?

Study the following statements regarding inbreeding and select the incorrect ones.
(i) The inbreeding strategies allow the desirable qualities ot two different breeds to be combined
(ii) It increases homozygosity
(iii) It also helps in elimination of less desirable genes
(iv) Continued inbreeding increases fertility and productivity

Which of the following is an example of a cross-breed?

Which of the following statements is not correct regarding inbreeding?

Read the following statements regarding poultry farm management.
(i) Poulty birds include chicken, ducks, turkey and geese
(ii) Brooder house should be crowd-fee, rain proof and protected from predators.
(iii) The most common egg-type variety used for commercial production throughout the world is single comb white
leghorn and its various strains
(iv) Approximately 14 to 16 hours of light including daylight are required for optimum egg production.
Which of the given statements are correct?

Keeping beehives in crop fields during flowering period increases

Crossing of individuals of two different species to produce a hybrid is called

Fill up the blanks by selecting the correct option.
In cross-breeding, ________of one breed are mated with_____of another breed.

The term “ inbreeding depression” is related to

Homozygous purelines in cattle can be obtained by

Which of the following is not a freshwater fish?

Given below are four statements (A-D) each with one or two blanks. Select the option which correctly fills up the
blanks in nay tow statements
(A) Multiple ovulation (i) transfer technology is for (ii) improvement.
(B) In it a cow is administered (i) to induce follicular maturation and (ii) ovulation
(C) Instead of one egg per cycle, (i) eggs are produced through it
(D) The fertilized (i) at (ii) celled stages are recovered non-surgically and transferred to surrogate mothers.

Which of the following are common freshwater fishes?

Apis dorasta is

Holstein-Friesian, Brown Swiss and Jersey are all well known

Given below are the three statements each with one or two blanks. Select the option correctly files up the blank in any
two statements
(A) Inbreeding helps in accumulation of (i) and elimination of (ii)
(B) In MOET a cow is administered hormones, with (i) like activity, to induce follicular maturation and super ovulation
(C) Hisardale is a new breed of sheep developed in Punjab by crossing (i) and (ii)

Read the following statements and select the incorrect one.

Which of the following is the “bird flu virus”?

In honey, the main constituent is

Fill up the blanks in the following paragraph by selecting the correct option.
Inbreeding (i) Thus inbreeding is necessary if we want to evolve a
(ii) in any animal. Inbreeding exposes harmful
(iii) genes that are eliminated by selection

Select the incorrect statement

MOET stands for

Aquaculture is the rearing and management of

Artificial breeding of cattle is brought about by

Which of the following is correctly matched?

Which of the following procedures are followed in dairy farm management?
(i) Regular inspection and visits by veterinary doctors.
(ii) Usage of manure to increase crop yield.
(iii) Adequate environmental conditions are provided.
(iv) Weeding away unproductive and harmful plants from the brood house.

Read the following statements and select the correct option.
Statement 1 : Ranikhet disease is a disease of poultry
Statement 2 : Ranikhet disease is caused by a virus.

A breed of cow is mated with closely related breed for five generations. It was found that production of milk has
reduced subsequently and the animals are not keeping good health. Which of the following methods of animals
breeding can overcome e this problem?

Select the correct option to fill up the blanks in the following statements
(i) Controlled breeding experiments are carried out using ______
(ii) In MOET technology, the fertilized eggs at______ cells stages, are recovered and transferred to surrogate mothers.
(iii) In MOET technology, the cow produces_____ eggs instead of one egg.
(iv) _____ is an industry devoted to the catching, processing or selling of fish.

Which of the following points are important for successful bee-keeping?
(i) Knowledge of the nature and habits of bees
(ii) Selection of suitable location for keeping the beehives
(iii) Management of beehives during during different seasons
(iv) Cross hybridization among the select parents

The term “breed” refers to

What strategy would you suggest if a person wants to evolve a pure line in an animal?

A cell at telophase stage is observed by a student in a plant brought from the field. He tells his teacher that theis cell is
not like other cells at telophase stage. There is no formation of cell plate and thus the cell is containing more number
of chromosomes as compared to other dividing cells. This would result in

High milk yielding cross bred Frieswal cow is the product of

Aquaculture does not include

Which of the following are the fishery by-products?
(i) Oil (ii) Manure
(iii) Glue (iv) Isinglass
(v) Shagreen (vi) Leather

Fill the blanks in the following statements by selecting the correct option.
(i) All hybrids of poultry are produced by ______ inbred stocks
(ii) Super hybrids are obtained when genetically_____ parents are used in the cross
(iii) A_____ is produced from a cross between female horse (mare) and male donkey.

In livestock breeding experiments, which of the following stages is transferred to surrogate mothers?

Which of the following plays a role in indigenous system of medicine?

Given below are four statements (i)-(iv) Which two of the following statements are correct?
(i) It is estimated that more that 70 percent of the world livestock population is in India and China
(ii) Stringent cleanliness and hygiene (both of the cattle and the handlers) are of paramount importance while milking,
Storage and transport of the milk and its products.
(iii) Out-breeding is the breeding between animals of the same breed only.
(iv) Crosses between different breeds is called inbreeding.

Which one of the following is a edible marine fish of India?

The infectious and contagious bacterial disease that affects cattle, buffaloes, horses, sheeps and goats is

Artificial insemination involves_____

‘Learn meat’ is considered to be of high quality because it has

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