Reproductive Health


These MCQs are intended for checking your Biology, Chapter REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH knowledge.

Best contraceptive measure in males is:

Which of the following is the natural method of

Which one is not included in Natural methods of
birth control?

How many statements are correct ?
(i) Surgical methods of contraception prevent
gamete formation.
(ii) Creating awareness about sex related aspects is
an effective method to improve reproductive health
of the people.
(iii)Complete lactation could help as a natural
method of contraception.
(iv) Infertility is defined as the inability to
reproduce a viable offspring and is always due to
abnormalities / defects in the female partner.
(v)All sexually transmitted diseases are completely

Day of periodic abstinence is :

Diaphragms, cervical caps,vaults are:

A family of five daughters only is expecting sixth child
The chance of its beings a son is

Which method of contraception has high failure

Which of the following factor induces the
Lactational amenorrhoea?

Which of the following method of contraception is
effective only upto a maximum period of six
months following parturition ?

Saheli, a female antifertility pill is used:

A correct dihybrid condition is-

If male is sterile and female is normal then which of
the following techniques can be used ?

Which of the following method for birth control ?

How many statements are true about “Saheli”?
(a) New oral contraceptive for the females.
(b) It is a once a week pill
(c)It contains a non-steroidal preparation
(d) Very high side effects and low contraceptive
(e) It was developed by scientist at central drug
research institute in Lucknow.

Different types of assisted reproductive techniques
are given below ?
(a) ZIFT
(c) ICSI
(e) Al
Select correct type of fertilisation in the above

A contraceptive pill developed by the scientists of
CDRI Lucknow is:

In which of the following contraceptive method
side effects are almost nil ?

In which of the following methods zygote up to 32
blastomere is transferred into the uterus ?

How many statements are correct for IUDs:
(i) They are self inserted
(ii) They are inserted by Doctors or expert nurses.
(iii) Non medicated IUDs are made up of copper.
(iv) These devices are implanted in uterus through
(v) It is most widely accepted in India.
(vi) IDUs are ideal contraceptives for the female
who want to delay pregnancy.
(vii) IUDs increase phagocytosis of sperms in the
(viii)CuT, LNG-20, Vaults, cervical caps are some
popular IUDs.

First country of world which adopt family planning

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