Principles of Inheritance and Variation


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Dihybrid cross is made between RRYY (wrinkled yellow
seed) and yyrr (wrinkled green seed) of pea F2 ratio
amongst round yellow , round green , wrinkled yellow, and
wrinkled would be

A cross AABbxaaBb yield AaBB:AaBb:Aabb:aabb offspring
in the ratio of

Any progeny which is heterozygous at two gene loci crossed
same genotype will give number of progeny similar to
parental type genotype is –

In order to find out the different types gametes produced by a
pea plant having the genotype AaBb , it should be crossed
to a plant with the genotype

In a given plant, red colour (R) of fruit is dominant over
white fruit (r): and tallness (T) is dominant over dwarfness
(t). If a plant with genotype RRTt is crossed with a plant
of genotype rrtt, what will be the percentage of tall plants
with red fruits in the next generation ?

In a plant, red fruit (R) is dominant over yellow fruit (r)
and tallness (T) is dominant over shortness (t). If a plant
with RRTt genotype is crossed with a plant that is rrtt,

Year in which Mendel’s work get published-

Heterozygous tall (Tt) is crossed with homozygous tall (TT) .
percentage of heterozygous tall in the progeny would be

Selfing of hybrid yellow round seeded pea plants , the phenotypes of next generation would be

AaBbCc genotype individual show linkage for A,B,C allele
and no crossing over occur than type of gamete formed is-

In dihybrid cross between AABB x aabb, In f2 generation
progeny with genotype AABB, AABb, Aabb and AaBb
occurs In the ratio of-:

Dihybrid cross is related to

The offspring of AAbb × aaBB is crossed with aabb. The genotypic ratio of progeny will be

Alleles are

A brown eyed couple has a blue eyed child , the trait of
brown eye (B) is dominant over blue eye (b) , what is
genotype of the couple

Mendel’s law of segregation is applicable to

number of genotypes produced when individuals of genotype 'YyRrTt' are crossed with each other is

A plants of genotypes AABbCC is selfed. Phenotypic ratio
of f2 generation would be

In pea plants yellow seed are dominant to green. If a
heterozygous yellow seeded plant is crossed with a green
seeded plant, what ratio of yellow and green seeded plants
would you expect in F 1 generation?

In Mendel’s experiments with garden pea, round seed shape
(RR) was dominant over wrinkled seeds (rr), yellow
cotyledon (YY) was dominant over green cotyledon (yy),
what are the expected phenotypes in the f2 generation of
the cross RRYY x rryy?

Cross between AAbbCC and aaBBcc made, the number of
progeny with AaBbCc genotype in F2 generation are

A cross between pure tall pea plant with green pods and
dwarf pea plant with yellow pods will produce short f 2
plants out of 16

Which is incorrect about mendelian factor’s-

How many types of gametes are formed by pea plants having
YYRRtt genotype

In a cross between AaBb x aabb, the ratio of f2 genotypes
between AaBb,aaBb, Aabb, and aaBb would be

A cross between pure tall pea plant with green pods and
dwarf pea plant with yellow pods will produce ...........number
of dwarf plants in F2 out of 16

Eight gamete types formed by AaBbCc individual/
heterozygous for how many gene loci is

Hybridization between Tt x tt gives rise to the progeny of

Tall plants with round seeds (TTRR) is crossed with dwarf
plants having wrinkled seed (ttrr) F1 plants are tall with
rounded seeds than types of gametes produced by F1
would be

How many types of gametes will be produced by individuals
of AABbcc genotypes if two genes A and B are linked

Which of the following in non-heritable

AaBbCc genotype form 4 type of different gamete this means

How many different kind of gametes will be produced by a
plant having the genotype AABbCC?

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