Organisms and Populations


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Sunlight is available as a source of energy and
is important in

Attribute of the organisms (morphological,
physiological and behavioural ) that enable
organisms to survive and reproduce in its
habitat are called

Diapause is a

Regulators are also called

Regulators are the animals which

Mean annual precipitation (cm) in temperate
forest is

In aquatic environment, the types of benthic
animals are determined by

Homeostatis is

An adaptation in Opuntia is that, it performs
photosynthesis by

Organisms which are restricted to narrow
range of temperature are called

Homeostasis is

Environmental factors(s) that characterize the
habitat of an organism is/are

Tune fish can be caught in

The factor governing the structure of earth
surface is

Average temperature of thermal springs and
deep sea hydrothermal vents exceeds

The environmental factors which influence
the population are

Formation of major biomes such as desert,
rainforest takes place by

Development of soil from the parent rock is
termed as

Major biomes of India include
I. Tropical rainforest
II. Alpine region
III. Deciduous forest
IV. Desert
V. Himalayan region
VI. Sea coast
Choose the correct combination for given

A define range of conditions that an organism
can tolerate, diversity in the resources it
utilizes and a distinct functional role in the
ecological system, together comprise

I- snow leopards are not found in Kerala
II- Tuna fish are rarely caught beyond tropical
latitudes in the ocean.
Which factor is/are responsible for it

Nature and properties of soil in different
places vary due to

The study of interaction among organisms and
between the organism and its physical
(abiotic) environment is

Temperature is very significant to the living
beings because

Which characteristics determine the
percolation and water holding capacity of

The most ecologically relevant environmental
factor is

Conformers are also called

What percentage of animal on this earth are
regulators and conformers, respectively ?

Highest level of biological hierarchy in the
given options is

Which is the characteristic of desert plant

Eurythermal are the organism which

Many fishes of fresh water cannot live in sea
water and vice-versa because of

In the ocean, the environment is perpetually
dark at

Formation of wide variety of habitats takes
place by

…………rule states that mammals from colder
climates generally have shorter ears and limbs
to minimize heat loss

Highest level of biological hierarchy in the
given options is

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