Microbes in Human Welfare


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High yield of vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamine) is obtained from

Cyclosporine is obtained from

Which bacterium helps in the production of ‘Swiss cheese’?

The domestic sewage in large cities.

Which of the following microbe is used for ripening of Swiss cheese?

What happens to activated sludge?

Passage of effluents into oxidation tank is for

Ladybug is a predator of

Statins are obtained from

Methanogens grow anaerobically on cellulose material and produce
I. Methane II. Oxygen
III. carbon dioxide IV. hydrogen

In a sewage plant BOD is indicated as high. After sometime is shows decreases then

In a sewage treatment plant, primary treatment is

Which gas is responsible for the puffed-up appearance of dough?

The large holes in cheddar cheese are formed due the amount of CO2 released by a bacterium named.

Cyclosporine A is used for

Microbial colonies

An immunosuppressive agent used in organ transplant patients is

One of the major difficulties in the biological control on insect pests is that

During sewage treatment the microorganisms participate under which step?

What is the composition of the biogas?

Treatment of waste-water is done by the

Which of the following microbe is made up protein only?

Measuring Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a method used for

The microbe used for making bread is

The first antibiotic was discovered accidently by – A – while working on – B --

A microbial biocontrol agent that can be used to control butterfly catepillars is

Which one of the following is wrongly matched

- - are used in detergent formulations and are helpful in removing oily stains from laundry.

What is the beneficial role of LAB in our stomach?

Unicellular symbiotic organisms improve yield of legumes by

Study the following statements and select the correct ones.
(i) Methanogens are archaebacteria which fixes atmospheric nitrogen
(ii) Nostoc is a filamentous blue green alga which fixes atmospheric nitrogen
(iii) Mycoplasma lack a cell wall and can survive without oxygen.

The bacterium responsible for biogas production are collectively called

Streptokinase which is used as a ‘clot buster’ obtained from

Select the microbe which is the source of ‘clot buster’ enzyme.

Find the odd one w.r.t distilled alcholic beverages

Which of the following options contains the end products formed during anaerobic respiration in yeast?

Biofertilizers are organisms that enrich the nutrient quality of the soil. Which of the following can be used as

Which industrial products are synthesized from microbes?
I. Antibiotics II. Fermented beverage
III. Enzymes and chemical IV. Bioactive molecules

Which of the following microbe is the source of first antibiotic?

Which of the following are the pair of biofertilizers?

What are flocs?

- - are produced by yeast and act by competitively inhibiting the enzyme responsible for synthesis of cholesterol.

Single cell protein refers to :

Organic farming, a recently adopted method to minimise the use of pesticide includes

Production of beverages at industrial scale requires growing microbes in very large containers knows as

Biogas generation is a three anaerobic digestion of animal and other orgtanic wastes. Study the following flowchart
and select the correct option for stages I, II and III.

The strain of this fungi are used for the production of citric acid.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) discourages the excessive use of

The product of Monascus purpureus has been commercialised as

In gobar gas, the maximum amount is that of

Trichoderma polysporum yields an important bioactive compound. Which is used as immunosuppressive agent in
organ transplantation. This is compound is

Which of the following is traditional drink of some parts of southern India, made by fermenting sap from palms?

A free living nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium which can also form symbiotic association with the water fern Azolla

What are important products of yeast fermentation?

The fruit juice turn bitter in taste if they are kept in open place for sometime, because of

Bacillus thuringiensis is used to control :

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