Human Reproduction


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Vas deferens arises from

Primary sex organs differ from secondary sex
organs in all the following, except

Which of the following transformation indicates
spermiogenesis ?

Cryptorchidism is

During when we say spermatogeneis starts-

Seminal plasma is contributed by :

Scrotal sacs of man are connected with the
abdominal cavity by

Which of the following is having 23 chromosomes?

Accessory glands of male reproductive system are

How many sperms are formed from 4 primary
spermatocytes ?

Tubuli recti of seminiferous tubules open into

Temperature in scrotum necessary for sperm
formation should be

Vas deferens receives a duct from seminal vesicle
and opens into urethra as _____.

Which hormone acts on sertoli cells ?

Common duct formed by the union of vas deferens
and duct of seminal vesicle is

What does the given figure represent ?

Sperms are stored and nourished inside

Role of Leydig cells of testis is

Which of the following cells secrete testicular
hormones called androgens and form endocrine part
of the testis ?

Which of the following labelled parts produces energy for the movement of the tail that facilitate sperm motility essential for fertilisation ?

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