Human Health and Disease


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Each immunoglobulin has two heavy chains and
two light chains. The antigen binding site is found

Which of the following antibody is related to
allergic response?

When some organs like heart, eye, liver, kidney fail
to function, transplantation is the only remedy but
why is that the organs cannot be taken just from
(A) If so grafts would be rejected sooner or later
(B) Only blood group matching is required for
successful transplant
(C) The body is able to differentiate 'self and non
(D) Cell medicated immunity is responsible for
graft rejection.
(E) Humoral immunity is responsible for graft
(F) Pre and post operative immunosuppressive
therapy is given
Which of the following statements are true and
related with organ transplant ?

To which type of barriers under innate immunity do
saliva in mouth and tears from eye belong?

Injection of antitoxin in tetanus confers which type
of Immunization ?

DPT vaccination provides

The cells that actually release the antibodies are

Which of the following components does not
participate in innate immunity ?

The antibody which can cross placental barrier is:

Cells of immune system that cause pore formation
in the antigen are

Passive immunity is provided through

A person without thymus would not be able to

What is the principle of vaccination ?

An antibody consists of

Which of the following is not an autoimmune

The most abundant class of immunoglobulins in the
body is:

A substance produced by the host in response to an
infection of foreign structure is

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