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On earth, from the following which evolve

In Miller experiment, gases involved

First cellular form evolve is

Theory of Panspermia was proposed by

Which is not true according to theory of
special creation

Oparin and Haldane proposed theory

Miller experiment created electric discharge
in a close flask observed formation of

Most accepted version of biogenesis is

Galaxies in universe contain

High temperature, reducing environment and
volcanic storms also lead to formation of
similar product which form in Miller
experiment in elsewhere is produced by

Theory of spontaneous generation proposed
origin of life from

In…………year Miller carry out experiment to
support chemical evolution by Oparin and

Which of the following evolve first

First non-cellular life forms evolved

H2 and He evolved

First cellular form have all feature except

Units of life called spores were transferred to
………….. according to theory of Panspermia

First cellular life forms evolved

Gases which was produced from molten mass
of early earth

Big Bang theory explain evolution of

Miller experiment support which part of
theory of chemical evolution

On earth which evolve last from following

Hydrosphere or Ocean develop in early earth

Spontaneous generation theory was
dismissed once and for by experiment of

Which event occur last on early earth

Life forms which originated around 3bya have

Which cellular form produce oxygen first

Energy to break water into H2O and O2come
from ………on early earth

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