Environmental Issues


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Which is a non-degradable pollution?

In india, Jhum cultivation is practiced mainly in

In treatment of waste water, biological treatment is-

Minamata disease is caused by contamination of

The Earth Summit, 1992, was held at

In india, the Air (prevention and Control of Pollution) Act came into force in 1981 but was emended in 1987 to

Thickness of ozone is measured in

The effect of today’s radioactive fall out will be harmful to children of future generation than to children of present

What are the organisms that can tolerate high degrees of pollution called as?

When and where the Ozone hole was discovered?

Which of the following is a natural pollution?

Primary pollutants used in the synthesis of photochemical smog are-

As the organic waste input in a water body increases.

(i) Is a non-degradable pollutant
(ii) shows biomagnification
(iii) is harmful to fishes and birds
(iv) is a pesticide

Increasing skin cancer and high mutation rate are the result of

Which pollutants are responsible for bronchitis?

_______ are used in electrostatics precipitators.

Limit of BOD prescribed by Central Pollution control Board for the discharge of industrial and municipal waste water
into natural surface water, is -

Which of the following is/are correct regarding Montreal Protocol?
(i) Persistent organic pollutants
(ii) Global warming and climate change
(iii) To control the emission of ozone depleting substances
(iv) Biosafety of genetically modified organisms.

DDT Causes-

Due to eutrophication____.

Biological oxygen demand of ______is the least.

In an aquatic food chain polluted by DDT, the tissue concentration of DDT would be highest in

BOD ____ in polluted water and _____ in potable water.

The process of nutrient enrichment of water is called as_________

Which method is used to control pollutants of particulate nature?

Algal bloom is caused by

_______ is the first step of sewage treatment.

The phenomenon by which certain pollutants (e.g. DDT) accumulate in body tissue in increasing concentration is

Which statement is false?

Pick out the correct choice from the following

In Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), at which stage microorganism treatment is provided?

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