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The two components of an ecosystem are

The gradual and fairly predicable change in
the species composition of a given area is

Each trophic level has a certain mass of living
material at a particular time called as

Vertical distribution of different species
occupying different levels is called

In a pond ecosystem, the autotrophic
components are

Net primary productivity (NPP) is

The basic categories of ecosystem are

The process of breaking down complex
organic matter into inorganic substances like
CO2, water and nutrient is called

The organisms which physically and
chemically break the complex dead organic
remains are known as

Which of the following is an example of manmade ecosystem

The climatic factors that regulate soil microbe
activities during decomposition are

DFC started with

In an ecosystem, the rate of production of
organic matter during photosynthesis is
termed as

In ecological pyramid which one is absent

GFC started with

The rate of decomposition is dependent

Precipitation of water soluble inorganic
nutrients from surface of soil to deep horizon
is called

Abiotic components refer to

The rate of decomposition is quicker when
detritus is rich in

Primary production is

In which layer of soil decomposition occurs at
maximum rate?

The products of decomposition process are

The process of accumulation of a dark
coloured amorphous substances that is highly
resistant to microbial action and undergoes
decomposition at an extremely slow rate is

Biotic components refer to

Pyramid of biomass in sea is

Which of the following is/are example(s) of

A functional unit of nature, where living
organisms interact among themselves and
also with the surrounding physical
environment is

A detritivore is

Word detritus includes

The components of ecosystem are seen to
function as a unit when you consider the
following aspects

The term ecosystem was coined by

Secondary productivity is rate of formation of
new organic matter by

Break down of detritus into smaller particles
by detritivores is a process called

The organic substances, which decompose
slowly are

The enzymatic process by which degraded
detritus is converted into simpler inorganic
substances is called

Maximum primary productivity of pond is
achieved by

The rate of biomass production is

What is the percentage of photosynthetically
active radiation (PAR), in the incident solar

Stratification is more pronounced in

Primary productivity depends upon

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