Biotechnology and its Applications


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Transgenic animals are those which have -

PCR is used to-

The first clinical gene therapy was given in 1990 to a 4 years old girl with which of the following enzyme

Bt toxin is harmful to insects like -

Which of the following is for increasing food production?

cry-genes have been introduced in -

Which of the following peptide chain is removed during maturation of pro-insulin into insulin?

Following are the steps of southern blot procedure.
I. Autoradiography II. Hybridization with radioactive nucleic acid (probe)
III. Blotting IV DNA fragments are treated to make them single stranded
V Electrophoresis VI. Clearing of DNA by restriction endonuclease
VII. Isolation of DNA from sample
The correct sequence is -

GMO / transgenic animal are used in testing safety of polio vaccine before they are used on human?

A functional ADA cDNA can be introduced into cells of the patients receiving gene therapy by using vector
constituted by

Which of the following statements is false?
I. Insulin was originally extracted from pancreas of slaughtered pigs and cattle
II. Animal insulin is difficult to obtain
III. Animal insulin is identical to human insulin
IV. Non human insulin caused some patients to develop allergy
V. Recombinant DNA allowed scientists to insert a human insulin gene into a bacterial expression vector
VI. Recombinant insulin is actually obtained from E. co//bacterial cell

In some children, ADA deficiency can be cured by :

How many varieties of rice has been estimated to be present in India?

The DNA probe, 3' - GGCTTA, will hybridize with which of the following

The technique by which "Dolly" the sheep was obtained, is called -

Which of the following is a benefit to having insulin produced by biotechnology?

When DNA is transcribed into mRNA, usually the mRNA remains single-stranded, but in some cases an RNA camade that is complementary to the mRNA. This is called arid its main function is to

Restriction enzymes were first discovered with observation that -

Which of the following could be a permanent cure for treatment of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) -

Antisense RNA is -

For effective treatment of a disease -

Biopiracy is related to which of the following :

Why insulin not administered orally to diabetic patient?

A transgene expression can achieve which of the following ?

Which variety of rice was patented by a U.S company even though the highest number of varieties of this rice is
found in India?

Bacillus thuringiensis is a bacterium of-

What might be an advantage of beginning gene therapy prior to birth?

A correct pair of characteristics of molecular probe is -
I. Very long molecule II. Double stranded
II. Single stranded DNA or RNA IV. Complementary to part of desired gene

Human gene therapy requires -

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