Biodiversity and Conservation


These MCQs are intended for checking your Biology, Chapter BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION knowledge.

The value of ‘Z’ lies in the range
of…………..regardless of the taxonomic group
or the region. The most appropriate value to
fill the blank is

Arrange the following places in increasing
order of biodiversities of species of birds and
select the right option

From equator towards the poles biodiversity

Alexander von Humboldt observed that,
within a region species richness ………….with
increasing explored area. The most
appropriate word to fill the blanks is

Which of the following represents maximum
number of species among global biodiversity?

The Western Ghats have a greater amphibians
diversity than the Eastern Ghats. It is an
example of

The organization, which publishes the Red List
of species is

Anthropogenic extinction is called

Genetic diversity is the measure of

In the species –area relationship , ‘S’

How many times the tropical area s have
vascular plants than the temperate areas

In natural extinction of species

Alexander von Humboldt described for the
first time

The medicinal plant, Rauwolfia vomitoria,
growing in Himalayan ranges shows variation
in terms of the potency and concentration of
the chemical (reserpine), that it produces. It is
an example of

Antilope cervicapra is categories by IUCN as

Trophics ( 23.5° N to 23.5° S) have…………
species as compared to temperate or polar
regions. The most appropriate world to fill the
blank is

Ecological diversity exists at community level
and is of three types. Select the correctly
matched option for ecological diversity

The Relationship between the species
richness and the area for a wide variety of
taxa appears as

As estimated by Robert May, what is the total
number of species present on earth?

Which one of the following has the highest
number of species in nature?

The country, whose tropical rainforests
possess the greatest biodiversity on earth is

A species facing extremely high risk of
extinction in the immediate future is called

If log A= 4, Z= 0.3 and log C= 0.8, find the
value of log ’S’

India is one of the ‘twelve’ megadiversity
countries with…………..of genetic resources of
the world

Communities with more species tend to be
more stable than those with less species. This
was confirmed by

On a logarithmic scale, the species –area
relationship is a straight line described by the

In the species –area relationship , ‘Z’

Biodiversity is affected by

For frugivorous birds and mammals in the
tropical forests of different continents,
Z(slope of the line /regression coefficient) is
found to be

Three levels of biodiversity are

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