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In a sewage treatment plant, primary treatment is

Trophics ( 23.5° N to 23.5° S) have…………
species as compared to temperate or polar
regions. The most appropriate world to fill the
blank is

Which of the following can survive easily in unfavorable

Secondary productivity is rate of formation of
new organic matter by

Which of the following necessarily show internal fertilization-

Datura belong to taxonomic category-

In some children, ADA deficiency can be cured by :

Most accepted version of biogenesis is

In a 680 nm DNA if 20 percent is Adenine than number of
guanine is

Anthropogenic extinction is called

Fill up the blanks by selecting the correct option.
In cross-breeding, ________of one breed are mated with_____of another breed.

Haploid cells product of meiosis undergo mitosis in case of

Megaspore mother cell differentiate from nucellus

The term “breed” refers to

Location of Dark reaction is -

In viola which type of pollination can occur-

The first clinical gene therapy was given in 1990 to a 4 years old girl with which of the following enzyme

Find the odd one w.r.t distilled alcholic beverages

Minamata disease is caused by contamination of

Study the following statements regarding inbreeding and select the incorrect ones.
(i) The inbreeding strategies allow the desirable qualities ot two different breeds to be combined
(ii) It increases homozygosity
(iii) It also helps in elimination of less desirable genes
(iv) Continued inbreeding increases fertility and productivity

The mode of action of exonucleases is

What percentage of animal on this earth are
regulators and conformers, respectively ?

Which is true for isogamete –

Which phase have slow metabolism-

Formation of wide variety of habitats takes
place by

Zygotic meiosis is present in –

Which statement is false?

Which of the following can not be true for oogamous –

Isogamous and anisogamos type of reproduction present in all
group except-

Spontaneous generation theory was
dismissed once and for by experiment of

In Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), at which stage microorganism treatment is provided?

6-amino purine is another name for -

Select the microbe which is the source of ‘clot buster’ enzyme.

In…………year Miller carry out experiment to
support chemical evolution by Oparin and

In a 200 base pair DNA if 25 percent in A than number of
hydrogen bond is -

Injection of antitoxin in tetanus confers which type
of Immunization ?

On earth which evolve last from following

Aquaculture does not include

Net primary productivity (NPP) is

In livestock breeding experiments, which of the following stages is transferred to surrogate mothers?

Restriction endonuclease bind to DNA and cut two strands of double helix at specific points in

Cells which help in the formation of bones are called

(i) Is a non-degradable pollutant
(ii) shows biomagnification
(iii) is harmful to fishes and birds
(iv) is a pesticide

Given below are four statements (A-D) each with one or two blanks. Select the option which correctly fills up the
blanks in nay tow statements
(A) Multiple ovulation (i) transfer technology is for (ii) improvement.
(B) In it a cow is administered (i) to induce follicular maturation and (ii) ovulation
(C) Instead of one egg per cycle, (i) eggs are produced through it
(D) The fertilized (i) at (ii) celled stages are recovered non-surgically and transferred to surrogate mothers.

There is a restriction endonuclease called Eco RI. What does ‘co’ part in it stands for ?

Cyclical change in activities of ovary, accessory duct , and
hormones are occur in-

Sunlight is available as a source of energy and
is important in

The study of interaction among organisms and
between the organism and its physical
(abiotic) environment is

An adaptation in Opuntia is that, it performs
photosynthesis by

A microbial biocontrol agent that can be used to control butterfly catepillars is

Which is incorrect about DNA-

In the species –area relationship , ‘S’

Which of the following is an example of manmade ecosystem

Why insulin not administered orally to diabetic patient?

Diapause is a

Mineral require for photolysis -

From given example how many have oogamous reproductiongreen algae,brown algae, mosses, pteridophytes, gymnosperm
and angiosperm,Red algae and liverworts-

A free living nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium which can also form symbiotic association with the water fern Azolla

Cells of immune system that cause pore formation
in the antigen are

Which is/are phase involve in organism life cycle undergoing
sexual reproduction -

Regulators are the animals which

What are important products of yeast fermentation?

A cross AABbxaaBb yield AaBB:AaBb:Aabb:aabb offspring
in the ratio of

Which of the following have only oogamous type of

Average temperature of thermal springs and
deep sea hydrothermal vents exceeds

Cyclosporine is obtained from

Best contraceptive measure in males is:

Biotic components refer to

In treatment of waste water, biological treatment is-

First phosphorylation of glucose during glycolysis is
catalyzed by

Mineral involve in Translocation of Carbohydrate-

Synchronise pollen release and receptive stigma should
present in

What does the given figure represent ?

How many sperms are formed from 4 primary
spermatocytes ?

Diaphragms, cervical caps,vaults are:

A detritivore is

How many times the tropical area s have
vascular plants than the temperate areas

Categorisation of secretory glands can be done on the basis of

The gradual and fairly predicable change in
the species composition of a given area is

Which of the following statements is not correct regarding inbreeding?

Over small distances substances move by:

Amount of DNA in vegetative cell of pollen and synergids is-

cry-genes have been introduced in -

Which of the following have oogamous type of reproduction-

Study the following statements and select the correct ones.
(i) Methanogens are archaebacteria which fixes atmospheric nitrogen
(ii) Nostoc is a filamentous blue green alga which fixes atmospheric nitrogen
(iii) Mycoplasma lack a cell wall and can survive without oxygen.

In a plant, red fruit (R) is dominant over yellow fruit (r)
and tallness (T) is dominant over shortness (t). If a plant
with RRTt genotype is crossed with a plant that is rrtt,

Read the following statements regarding poultry farm management.
(i) Poulty birds include chicken, ducks, turkey and geese
(ii) Brooder house should be crowd-fee, rain proof and protected from predators.
(iii) The most common egg-type variety used for commercial production throughout the world is single comb white
leghorn and its various strains
(iv) Approximately 14 to 16 hours of light including daylight are required for optimum egg production.
Which of the given statements are correct?

High yield of vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamine) is obtained from

Which variety of rice was patented by a U.S company even though the highest number of varieties of this rice is
found in India?

Which of the following microbe is used for ripening of Swiss cheese?

Antherozooid or sperm produced in organism which produced-

Mendel’s law of segregation is applicable to

First cellular form evolve is

A breed of cow is mated with closely related breed for five generations. It was found that production of milk has
reduced subsequently and the animals are not keeping good health. Which of the following methods of animals
breeding can overcome e this problem?

Select the incorrect statement

Dihybrid cross is related to

Fill the blanks in the following statements by selecting the correct option.
(i) All hybrids of poultry are produced by ______ inbred stocks
(ii) Super hybrids are obtained when genetically_____ parents are used in the cross
(iii) A_____ is produced from a cross between female horse (mare) and male donkey.

Ladybug is a predator of

Year in which Mendel’s work get published-

A substance produced by the host in response to an
infection of foreign structure is

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These MCQs are intended for checking your BiologyAll Chapters  knowledge!!

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Twin characteristics of growth are

Anomeric carbon in fructose is

Critical concentration is -

Significant role of calcium balance in the body is maintained by

Which of the following is an amino acid contains sulphur ?

If a cell have amount of DNA is 2c , than
it can be-

What is the length of oesophagus

Difference in Pilli and fimbriae is-

Which of the following give comprehensive account of complete
compilation of available information of any family or genus at a given time?

Choose the incorrect statement about the skeletal muscle.

GnRH (Gonadotropin Releasing hormone) stimulates the

F-actin is a polymer of

Spermatid produce in spermatogenesis
enter into….. phase to form sperm-

Organisms which circulate water from their surrounding through their body cavities to facilitate the cells to exchange
the substances are

In plant ........ is absent

Attraction of water molecules to polar surface called:

In the centre of each I-band there is an elastic fiber called

Which type of bond present in deoxyribose adenosine
diphosphate and phosphate in nucleotide-

Taxonomy comprises

Beneficial elements are -

Which of the following position in sugar have OH group in
both ribose and deoxyribose-

Asparagus belong to ……….. family-

Tulip and gloriosa have feature
(1) Bilateral symmetry (2) Racemose
(3) Perigynous (4) Hypogynous

Which one of the following sets of animals belong to a single taxonomic group?

The enzyme which converts sucrose to glucose and

Neuroglial cells ...... and the neurons. Fill the blanks with the correct combination given below.

laminarian starch present in-

which of the following is not homopolymer-

Which of the following is polar amino acid-

Respiratory pathway is-

Chlorophyll b absent in -

Cork cambium is product of -

................... Layer semi-permeable in nature and interacts with the outside world

From following examples - Cucumber , Tobacco , sunflower, lotus, Plum , Mustard, Sesbania - How many are hypogynous

ATP contains-

Which macro- mineral require in largest amount-

Cretinism, mental retardation, low intelligence quotient, abnormal skin, deaf- mutism, etc., are the results of

Bones are made up of

Which type of bond Absent in secondary structure of

In tissue level of organisation the

Fill in the blanks with the correct options.
I...... have cellular level of organisation
II. Coelom is not seen in ........
III. Radial symmetry is seen in phylum-Coelenterata, Ctenophora and...C.....
IV. Notochord is lacking in ...D...
V....... are bilaterally symmetrical.
Here I to V refers to

Which mineral involve in carbohydrate translocation-

Schleiden and Schwann’s cell theory
could not explain

In some chordates, the notochord is modified as the vertebral column. Such animals are called vertebrates.
Which one of these statements makes sense?

Main photosynthetic part of brown algae is-

Study the given statements and select the correct answer.
(i) Cellulose is a homopolymer of glucose.
(ii) Inulin is a homopolymer of fructose.
(iii)Starch gives blue colour and glycogen gives red colour
with iodine solution.
(iv) Cellulose gives no colour with iodine solution.

Motile asexual spore present in-

Intercalary meristem is responsible for -

Mango and maize have common-

Iron storing protein found in animal tissues is

Synaptic knob is bulb-like structure which is present

The organic compound synthesised by the leaves during
photosynthesis, are transported to all other parts in:

which of the following have helical structure-

Which of the following is heterocyclic ring-

which of the following is correct-

Skeletal muscles are closely associated with the ...A... components of the body. They have...B... appearance under the microscope and hence are called...C... muscles. Choose the correct options to fill A, B and C.

Family with Epigynous flower is -

r-phycoerythrin is pigment absent in-

which of the following is present in least amount in cell-
(from table)

The activity of formation of milk is regulated by the activity of …. A…., while the ejection of milk is controlled by
…B… hormone. Here, A and B refers to

Long distance movement of substance through the vascular
tissue in plant is called:

Mark the correct matched -

Diffusion membrane is made up of

Which mineral is generally can be toxic-

Which one of the following statements is associated with epithelium?

First phosphorylation of glucose during glycolysis is
catalyzed by

Which of the following is not feature of Algae -

Mark the correct statement-
(A) all bacteria have plasmid
(B) all bacteria have cell wall
(C) all bacteria have ribosome
(D) all bacteria have cell membrane

Mark the incorrectly matched-

From given role - Cell wall formation , Respiration , photosynthesis, Secretion - how many are related with
mesosomes -

Green algae wall is made up of -

Fascicles are held together by the structure

Higher value of Km constant for an enzyme indicates

unequal and apical flagella present in-

Identify the correct statement from below.

Motile male gamete present in all except-

Frenulum is

The cross-section of the body of an invertebrate is given below. Identify the animal, which has this body plan

Identify the true statements and choose the correct option accordingly.
I. Blood vessel leading to the glomerulus is called efferent arteriole.
II. Vasa recta , peritubular capillaries and glomerulus, all have blood.
III. Cortical nephrons have highly reduced vasa recta.

At temperature near freezing point, the enzymes are

Which of these is not a trace element in plants?

Matrix secreting cells of cartilage are known as

What will happen if a 𝑅𝐻− person donate blood to a 𝑅𝐻+ person for the first time?

IN human zygote initial division is fast as
it can lack mainly-

unequal size flagella present in-

6-amino purine is another name for -

Mineral which is required in largest amount –

Consider the following match and mark the correct-

Name the scientist, who saw a live
cell first time.

A fatty acid not synthesized in man is:

Which conc. is lowest for any mineral -

Which of the following is not respiratory substrate -

In ureotelic animals, ammonia produced by metabolism is converted into area in

Proximal Convoluted Tubule (PCT) is lined by

The thoracic chamber is formed dorsally by the ...A..., ventrally by the ...B… laterally by the …C... and on lower
side by the dome-shaped ...D... Select the right choices for A, B, C and D to complete the given statement.

The energy released during respiration is-

Polymoniales have member like-

Which of the following is incorrectly matched-

In males, the spermatogenesis is regulated by

Read the following statements regarding the digestive system and select the correct statement.

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