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Most accepted version of biogenesis is

Which method is used to control pollutants of particulate nature?

The term “breed” refers to

Which is incorrect about mendelian factor’s-

which of the following have negative charge-

Unicellular symbiotic organisms improve yield of legumes by

Three levels of biodiversity are

Fill up the blanks by selecting the correct option.
In cross-breeding, ________of one breed are mated with_____of another breed.

Which of the following statements is false?
I. Insulin was originally extracted from pancreas of slaughtered pigs and cattle
II. Animal insulin is difficult to obtain
III. Animal insulin is identical to human insulin
IV. Non human insulin caused some patients to develop allergy
V. Recombinant DNA allowed scientists to insert a human insulin gene into a bacterial expression vector
VI. Recombinant insulin is actually obtained from E. co//bacterial cell

In india, the Air (prevention and Control of Pollution) Act came into force in 1981 but was emended in 1987 to

What is the percentage of photosynthetically
active radiation (PAR), in the incident solar

The techniques that are included under biotechnology are

Nature and properties of soil in different
places vary due to

Which gas is responsible for the puffed-up appearance of dough?

The bacterium responsible for biogas production are collectively called

Homozygous purelines in cattle can be obtained by

Which of the following is an example of a cross-breed?

Zygotic meiosis is present in –

In treatment of waste water, biological treatment is-

Which of the following could be a permanent cure for treatment of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) -

A family of five daughters only is expecting sixth child
The chance of its beings a son is

Which of the following evolve first

Sperms are stored and nourished inside

(i) Is a non-degradable pollutant
(ii) shows biomagnification
(iii) is harmful to fishes and birds
(iv) is a pesticide

What are the organisms that can tolerate high degrees of pollution called as?

Select the correct option to fill up the blanks in the following statements
(i) Controlled breeding experiments are carried out using ______
(ii) In MOET technology, the fertilized eggs at______ cells stages, are recovered and transferred to surrogate mothers.
(iii) In MOET technology, the cow produces_____ eggs instead of one egg.
(iv) _____ is an industry devoted to the catching, processing or selling of fish.

Attribute of the organisms (morphological,
physiological and behavioural ) that enable
organisms to survive and reproduce in its
habitat are called

In a given plant, red colour (R) of fruit is dominant over
white fruit (r): and tallness (T) is dominant over dwarfness
(t). If a plant with genotype RRTt is crossed with a plant
of genotype rrtt, what will be the percentage of tall plants
with red fruits in the next generation ?

A person without thymus would not be able to

The first restriction endonuclease discovered is

Hydrosphere or Ocean develop in early earth

The process of nutrient enrichment of water is called as_________

To which type of barriers under innate immunity do
saliva in mouth and tears from eye belong?

The organic substances, which decompose
slowly are

The cells that actually release the antibodies are

Which of the following is/are example(s) of

Which of the following have only oogamous type of

The enzymatic process by which degraded
detritus is converted into simpler inorganic
substances is called

Eurythermal are the organism which

Alleles are

Hypogynous flower is present in-

size of average pollen grain is-

A functional unit of nature, where living
organisms interact among themselves and
also with the surrounding physical
environment is

Number of chromosome in gamete of butterfly is-

If vegetative cell of pollen grain have 6800 nm DNA than
number of base pair in Pollen mother cell is -

Geitonogamy can occur in -

In viola which type of pollination can occur-

_______ is the first step of sewage treatment.

Categorisation of secretory glands can be done on the basis of

Reproductive process in any organism is regulated by

Which of the following is not correctly matched -

Which of the following labelled parts produces energy for the movement of the tail that facilitate sperm motility essential for fertilisation ?

In a dioceious plant which is chasmogamous which is

Injection of antitoxin in tetanus confers which type
of Immunization ?

Which is necessary for external fertilization-

The large holes in cheddar cheese are formed due the amount of CO2 released by a bacterium named.

Which of the following is a benefit to having insulin produced by biotechnology?

Increasing skin cancer and high mutation rate are the result of

In a sewage plant BOD is indicated as high. After sometime is shows decreases then

Life forms which originated around 3bya have

Organism showing oestrus cycle is –

Formation of major biomes such as desert,
rainforest takes place by

Number of chromosome in meiocyte of onion is –

In the species –area relationship , ‘S’

In a 680 nm DNA if 20 percent is Adenine than number of
guanine is

Uric acid is derivative of -

Glycosidic linkage absent in -

A functional ADA cDNA can be introduced into cells of the patients receiving gene therapy by using vector
constituted by

Which of the following have phosphodiester bond-

For .Ribose sugar have all correct except -

The enzymes, commonly used in genetic engineering are

Which of the following represents maximum
number of species among global biodiversity?

pollen grain is available in form of-

Which of the following is nucleotide -

Which phase have slow metabolism-

In viola which type of pollination surely occur-

Viability of pollen depend on-

xanthine obtained from deamination from-

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) discourages the excessive use of

From following examplesWatermelon , Tulip , sunflower, lotus, Plum ,
Mustard, Sesbania, Rose and strawberry - How many are Perigynous

Artificial insemination involves_____

Which of the following antibody is related to
allergic response?

In livestock breeding experiments, which of the following stages is transferred to surrogate mothers?

Which of the following can have ribose sugar
and phosphoester bond -

Food is stored in form of carbohydrate in –

Syngamy occur in all except-

Which is incorrect about DNA-

Temperature is very significant to the living
beings because

Growth of plant is

Many fishes of fresh water cannot live in sea
water and vice-versa because of

Which of the following can survive easily in unfavorable

Synchronise pollen release and receptive stigma should
present in

Which of the following is a restriction endonuclease ?

Role of Leydig cells of testis is

Egg apparatus have number of gamets is-

A plants of genotypes AABbCC is selfed. Phenotypic ratio
of f2 generation would be

From equator towards the poles biodiversity

Xenogamy can occur in all except-

In an aquatic food chain polluted by DDT, the tissue concentration of DDT would be highest in

The process of breaking down complex
organic matter into inorganic substances like
CO2, water and nutrient is called

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These MCQs are intended for checking your BiologyAll Chapters  knowledge!!

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Which of the following is nucleotide?

Which of the following is a defining characteristic of living organisms?

Which of the following can have ribose sugar and
phosphoester bond -

The human kidney has about

The __________ proteins that form huge pores in the outer
membranes of plastids, mitochondria and bacteria:

Which of the following statements is incorrect about squamous epithelium?

Amount and ploidy of diploid cell in G2

In glycolysis ultimately-

Which type of bond present in diasaccharide-

Cells of areolar tissues that produce or secrete fibres are called

Which is correct about enzyme –

What is true about glycogen?

Superior ovary present in –

Characteristic of closed circulatory system.
(I) Blood flows in the open tissue space, the sinuses
(II)Blood is in direct contact with the tissue cells.
(III) Blood flow is slow
(IV) Blood pressure is high.
Choose the option with characteristics.

At isolectric pH of Glycine Which is not true

Match Column -1 with Column - II and select the correct
option from the codes given below.
Column -1                 Column - II
A. Tetrose sugar      (i) Galactose
B. Pentose sugar     (ii) Maltose
C. Hexose sugar      (iii)Erythrose
D. Disaccharide       (iv) Ribose
(v) Sedoheptulose

Which of the following groups consist of organisms which multiply by fragmentation?

r-phycoerythrin is not present in -

Transport of two types of molecules across the membrane
in the opposite direction is called:

Which is not always true for green algae-

Respiratory pathway is-

The cavities of alveoli of human lungs are lined by

Identify the true statements and choose the correct option accordingly.
I. Blood vessel leading to the glomerulus is called efferent arteriole.
II. Vasa recta , peritubular capillaries and glomerulus, all have blood.
III. Cortical nephrons have highly reduced vasa recta.

6-amino purine is another name for -

For lactose which is true-

Which of the following pair have least common feature

Identify A to D in the given figure and choose the correct combination.

Number of nitrogen bases in a single strand of B-DNA
with 100 turns is

The gaps between two adjacent myelin sheaths are called

Which of the following represents
prokaryotic cells?

Protein that form huge pores in the membrane to allow
molecules to pass through, is called:

Minerals can be absorb passively from -

unequal and apical flagella present in-

Technique useful in mineral study -

Which enzyme/s do not follow km constant?

In a cell cycle, 25 to 33 percent time is of –

In a ...A... state, the edge of thin filaments on either side of thick filaments ...B... overlap the free ends of ...C... filaments leaving the central part of thick filaments. This central part of thick filament, not overlapped by thin filaments is called ...D...-zone. Choose the correct options to fill the gaps A, B, C and D.

Person with blood group-AB is considered as universal recipient because he has

Increase in body mass can be considered as growth but not in non-living as they show-

In ureotelic animals, ammonia produced by metabolism is converted into area in

Growth of the plant is

Which of the following cell not have
Amount of DNA is c –

A unit composed of sugar and nitrogen base linked by
glycosidic bond is

Match the following columns.

Which of the following is under development-

Which of the following originates from the tyrosine

Mark the incorrectly matched-

Epiglottis is a cartilaginous flap which prevents the entry of food into

One of these is not an amino acid :

Which of the following polysaccharides is not a polymer of

Which of the following is not an
inclusion body found in

Diffusion rates are affected by the:

Optimum range of which mineral is maximum-

r-phycoerythrin is pigment absent in-

Which of the following are the examples of saccular glands?

Spermatid produce in spermatogenesis
enter into….. phase to form sperm-

Which is the incorrect statement from the following?

Twin characteristics of growth are

Microtubule are rich in ………… amino acid-

Which of the following statement is not true for allosteric

Which teeth are absent in temporary dentition?

Which of the following amino acid give pyruvate on

________ is a taxonomic aid which contains the actual account of habitat and distribution of plants of a given area
and also provides the index to the plant species found in a particular area.

What will happen if a 𝑅𝐻− person donate blood to a 𝑅𝐻+ person for the first time?

Sesbania have ............... Type of flower

Which conc. is lowest for any mineral -

Which of the following is a trisaccharide?

Number of nucleotide present in linear DNA having 50
phosphodiester bond-

If a haploid cell have 2800 pico gram
DNA in G1 phase than cell produced by
mitosis from this cell have DNA-
(1) 2800 picogram (2) 1400 picogram
(3) 5600 picogram (4) all wrong

Pars intermedia is a part of

Panthera and Ape have common-

In majority of nephrons, the loop of Henle's is found in the

Examples of aromatic amino acids are:

The word ending with - aceae indicates

Graves’ disease is caused due to the

Skeletal muscles are closely associated with the ...A... components of the body. They have...B... appearance under the microscope and hence are called...C... muscles. Choose the correct options to fill A, B and C.

Respiratory pathway is-

Mark the wrongly matched-
(1) fabaceae- groundnut, sweet pea (2) solanaceae- belladonna, petunia
(3) liliaceae- tulip, aloe (4) Brassicaceae - Carrot , chilli

The other name of glycolysis is-

Identify the component of respiratory system which displays the features given below and choose the correct option.
(A) Double layered.
(B) Fluid contained in it reduces the friction on the lung surface.
(C) Its outer layer is in contact with thoracic wall.
(D) Its inner layer is in contact with lungs.

Radial symmetry is seen in

ATP is-

Tube-within-tube body plan is found in which animal?

From following examples - Cucumber , Tobacco , sunflower, lotus, Plum , Mustard, Sesbania - How many are hypogynous

Which one of the following does not
differ in E. coli and

In the digestive system of cockroach, gastric caeca is present at the junction of

Chl b and Unequla flagella is present in -

Maximum concentration of enzymes (69-70%) in a cell
occur in

The amino acid with lowest molecular weight is :

Which algae is rarely found in fresh water-

Which of the following is an energy yielding process?

Neuroglial cells ...... and the neurons. Fill the blanks with the correct combination given below.

What is common in all of them i.e. NAD, FAD, NADP,

Dry seeds can endure higher temperature than the
germinating seeds because

Lignification not present in -

What is another name of gastro-oesophageal sphincter?

which of the following is polymer of β-D glucose-

A form of amino acid with both positive and negative
charges simultaneously in the same molecule is

................... Layer semi-permeable in nature and interacts with the outside world

Which bond present between tertiary structure of protein-

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