Transport in Plants


These MCQs are intended for checking your Biology Chapter TRANSPORT IN PLANTS,  knowledge.

In rooted plants, transport in xylem is:

The diffusion rates depend on:

Choose the correct answer on the basis of given statement.
Both the molecules cross the membrane in the same
direction called as:

Transport of water and minerals through the xylem is:

Diffusion rates are affected by the:

Transport of substance over small distance occurs by:

Choose the correct answer:
A concentration gradient must present for molecules to
diffuse even if facilitated by the proteins called as:

Special proteins helps to move substances across
membranes without expenditure of ATP energy is called:

Permeability of the membrane to a substance depends on
which factor:

Over small distances substances move by:

Long distance movement of substance through the vascular
tissue in plant is called:

What are the meaning of short distance transport in plants?

Mark the correct statement.

The organic compound synthesised by the leaves during
photosynthesis, are transported to all other parts in:

The __________ proteins that form huge pores in the outer
membranes of plastids, mitochondria and bacteria:

Transport of two types of molecules across the membrane
in the opposite direction is called:

Choose the correct answer.

Which of the following statement is correct?

Small distance substances move by:

Protein in the membrane is responsible for which type of

Protein that form huge pores in the membrane to allow
molecules to pass through, is called:

Transport of molecules or substance across the membrane
independent of other molecules or substances is called:

Attraction of water molecules to polar surface called:

When water moves out of the cell and the cell membrane of
a plant cell shrinks away from its cell wall called as:

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