The Living World


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The name of a plant order ends with

Which of the following pair have most common feature

Select the mismatched pair.

Taxonomic studies are useful in -

The word ending with - ales indicates

Which one of the following is a category ?

The fundamental taxonomic category or basic unit of classification is

Systematics is the study of

Plants are given the names in Latin because

More number of common characters are observed in members of a

Related families belong to the same

Snake and leopard have common-

Panthera and Ape have common-

Molecular constituents of organelle of cell have feature similar to -

Which of the following groups consist of organisms which multiply by fragmentation?

Convulvulaceae and solanaceae have all common except-

Order for Convulvulaceae

Taxon and category differ in

Panthera, tiger, cat , dog, felidae, human, gibbon, housefly, mosquito, Ape- how many belong to same class-

Which of the following is a defining characteristic of living organisms?

Which of the following pair have most common feature

Mango and maize have common-

In the hierarchial classification, the number of obligate categories is

Consider the following statements-
(A) key is useful for identification of plants not animals
(B) Key is based on dissimilarities and not on similarities
(C) Same Key can be used for many taxonomic group
(D) Key are based on contrasting character generally in pair called lead
Mark the correct statement-

Which of the following pair have most common feature

Which of the following is the highest rank?

Which of the following pair have least common feature

Which of the following give comprehensive account of complete
compilation of available information of any family or genus at a given time?

Polymoniales have member like-

Bionomial nomenclature was given by

Taxonomy comprises

A living organism is unexceptionaly differentiated from a non living structure on the basis of

Growth can not be defining feature of living as-

Living organism have features like -

Mark the incorrectly matched-

Petunia and Convulvulaceae have common-

Reproduction cannot be an all- inclusive defining characterisitcs of living organism as-

Which of the following taxonomic categories contains organisms least similar to one another?

Scientific term for category is -

Datura belong to taxonomic category-

Twin characteristics of growth are

Detail which is not present on herbarium sheet-

Homo sapiens and Gorrila have common-

Homo sapiens and leopard have common-

Total number of known species present on earth is-

Growth and reproduction are mutually exclusive event in

Mark the correctly matched-

Which one of the following is not a category ?

Which of the following pair have least common feature

The correct sequence of taxonomic categories is

The word ending with - aceae indicates

Mark the incorrect regarding metabolic reactions-

Mark the incorrectly matched-

Increase in body mass can be considered as growth but not in non-living as they show-

From given pairs of option ,which share maximum similarity-

Mark the correct regarding herbarium sheet-

________ is a taxonomic aid which contains the actual account of habitat and distribution of plants of a given area
and also provides the index to the plant species found in a particular area.

Mark the incorrect statement-

Human beings are living and -

Mark the incorrectly matched-

Zea mays belong to Class-

Which of the following is not present on same Rank?

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