Respiration in Plants


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ATP contains-

Which of the following enzyme located in cytoplasm-

Which is not a true for Respiration ?

The enzyme required to convert Fructose into Fructose-6-phosphate

The end products of respiration in plants are-

Which of the following steps during glycolysis is
associated with utilization of ATP?

The Enzyme which convert PEP to Pyruvate

ATP is-

Which of the following step is reversible in glycolysis

In glycolysis ultimately-

Which of the following can converge on glycolysis to produce

Which of the following is Respiratory substrate :

(a) Ascorbic acid (b) Fructose (c) Protein (d) Calcium

Instantaneous source of energy is/are-

Which of the following is not respiratory substrate -

Which is true regarding Glycolysis

Consider the following-
(a) In glycolysis two oxidative decarboxylation occur
(b) partial oxidation of sugar occur in glycolysis
how many are correct

The “energy currency” of plants and animals is-

which of the following is correct-

Consider the following statement-
(1)PGAL and DiHAP are triose sugar form in glycolysis after
breakdown of Fructose 1-6 bis phosphate
(2) pyruvate kinase is last enzyme of glycolysis
how many are correct-

I. causes partial oxidation of glucose (one molecule)
to form 2-molecules of pyruvic acid and 2 ATP as net gain
II. takes place in all living cells
III. uses 2 ATP at two steps
IV. scheme was given by Gustav Embden, Otto Mayerhof and J Parnas
Choose the correct option containing appropriate
statements from the above

The other name of glycolysis is-

Select the wrong statement with respect to glycolysis

First phosphorylation of glucose during glycolysis is
catalyzed by

Enzymes taking part in glycolysis (EMP pathway) are present in-

Which of the following is correct preference of
respiratory substrate–

Respiratory pathway is-

Respiration occurs-

Which of the following is an energy yielding process?

In glycolysis, NADH + H+ is formed from NAD, when

Location of Glycolysis is :

The enzyme which converts sucrose to glucose and

The enzyme which converts glucose to glucose-6-
phosphate is-

The common phase between aerobic and anaerobic
respiration is called-

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