Plant Kingdom


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Food is stored in form of oil and starch in –

Which of the following is unicellular green algae-

Main photosynthetic part of brown algae is-

Anisogamous green algae is-

Mustard plant differ from Ulothrix in having -

Mark the wrongly matched-

unequal and lateral flagella present in-

r-phycoerythrin is not present in -

Non-motile asexual and sexual stage present in-

Chl b and Unequla flagella is present in -

Which of the following is not feature of Chara-

Which is not an example of phycocolloids which absorb

Green algae wall is made up of -

Food is stored in form of carbohydrate in –

Chlorophyll b absent in -

Consider the following match and mark the correct-

Which is not true about green algae-

Motile asexual stage can present in all except-

Which algae is rarely found in fresh water-

cell wall with algin deposition present in-

Kelp is large size brown algae have large size-

r-phycoerythrin is pigment absent in-

Haplo-diplontic life cycle present in -

floridean starch is present in –

Motile asexual spore present in-

which is not true about zoospore of brown algae-

Motile male gamete present in all except-

laminarian starch present in-

Example of brown algae which is Oogamous-

Which is not always true for green algae-

If Amount of fucoxanthin increase in brown algae than-

Zoospore is present in -

Which is not an example of dioceious-

Which of the following is not filamentous green algae-

Which type of reproduction not present in algae -

Which of the following have non-motile asexual Stage -

Which of the plants have Chl a

Organism which is probably present in deep sea where little
light penetrate-

Flagellated stage present in –

Example of Red algae which is Oogamous

Most common type of Reproduction in Porphyra is -

Which of the following is not feature of Algae -

unequal and apical flagella present in-

Which of the following lack chl a-

unequal size flagella present in-

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