Plant Growth and Development


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Which of the following is essential for plant growth?

Growth of the plant is

Growth plotted against time gives a

Which of the following is example of Plasticity-

Cresograph is used to detect

Read the given statements and select the correct option
(i) One maize root cell can give rise to more than
17,500 cells per hour
(ii) A cell in water melon can increase in size upto
350000 times
(iii) The growth of the leaf is measured in term of
surface area
(iv) Growth of pollen tube is measured in terms of its

In S-shaped curve, the growth is highest in which phase?

The ability of plants to follow different pathway to form
different structures in response to environment is called

Which of these are included in phases of growth?

Cork cambium is product of -

After mitotic division in a cell if one daughter cell
continues to divide while the other differentiates and
matures, then this type of growth is mathematically
expressed as :

Heterophylly can be observed in
I. cotton  II. coriander  III. Larkpur
Select the right option

In the expression, W1 = W0 ert (geometrical growth), W1,W0, r, t represents
W0                                  W1                   r                          t
(i) Initial size         Final size     Growth rate           Time
to growth
(ii) Final size          Initial size    Growth rate           Time
of growth
(iii) Final size         Initial size     Growth rate            Time
of dividing
(iv) Initial size        final size       Growth rate            Time
of dividing

Growth of plant is

Auxanometer is used to measure

Development includes (plants)
I. Differentiation
II. Redifferentiation
III. Dedifferentiation
Select the right combination from the given option

An irreversible or permanent increase in size, mass or
volume of a cell, organ or organism is called as ____.

Increased vacuolation, cell enlargement and new cell wall
deposition are the characteristics of the cells in................ phase

Secondary xylem is product of -

Senescence as active developmental cellular process in the
growth and functioning of a flowering plant. Is indicated in

Plant growth is unique because

Which of the following is under development-

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