Neural Control and Coordination


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Unipolar neurons can be seen in the

The gaps between two adjacent myelin sheaths are called

Nissl's granules are found in

Unmyelinated nerve fibres, that do not form a myelin sheath around the axon are commonly found in...A... and the...B... neural systems. Fill in the blanks (A and B) with correct options.

Bipolar neurons are found in the

Stimulation of a muscle fibre by a motor neuron occurs at

The process through which two or more organs interact and complement the functions of one another, is called

The functions of the organs/organ systems in our body must be coordinated to maintain.......... Complete the given statement.

........ fibres, shorten themselves in response to the stimulation and then they lengthen themselves and return to their uncontracted state in a coordinated manner. Fill in the blank with a suitable option.

The cell body of neuron contains

Axons can be

Neuron is composed of

The system, responsible for providing an organized network of point to point connections for a quick coordination, is called

Dendrites transmit impulses towards the

Select the correct option to represent A to E in the give structure of a neuron.

Schwann cells, form a myelin sheath around the

Neuroglial cells ...... and the neurons. Fill the blanks with the correct combination given below.

The neural system is composed of highly specialized cells called neurons that can

In human body, neuroglia cells occur in the

Which pair of systems jointly coordinate and integrate all the activities of organs, so that they function in a synchronized fashion?

Myelinated nerve fibres are found in...A... and...B... nerves. Fill in the blanks (A and B) with correct options.

Multipolar neurons are found in the

Synaptic knob is bulb-like structure which is present

Sheath forming Schwann cells are found in

The neurons may be

The cell body of neuron contains certain granular bodies called

Synaptic vesicles contains chemicals called

Which of the following are the properties of neurons?

Identify the basic functions of neural system.

Which of the following system provides the fastest means of communication within the body?

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