Morphology of Flowering Plants


These MCQs are intended for checking your Biology Chapter MORPHOLOGY OF FLOWERING PLANTS ,  knowledge.

Cymose Infloresence present in -

Tetramerous flowers are present in one bunch in-

Tulip and gloriosa have feature
(1) Bilateral symmetry (2) Racemose
(3) Perigynous (4) Hypogynous

Mark the wrongly matched-
(1) fabaceae- groundnut, sweet pea (2) solanaceae- belladonna, petunia
(3) liliaceae- tulip, aloe (4) Brassicaceae - Carrot , chilli

Sesbania have ............... Type of flower

From following examples - Cucumber , Tobacco , sunflower, lotus, Plum , Mustard, Sesbania - How many are hypogynous

Flower with Bilateral Symmetry is feature of –

From following examplesWatermelon , Tulip , sunflower, lotus, Plum ,
Mustard, Sesbania, Rose and strawberry - How many are Perigynous

Mark the correct matched -

Hypogynous flower is present in-

Which family have Pentamerous and actinomorphic flower-

Asparagus belong to ……….. family-

Which family is with trimerous flower-

Family with Epigynous flower is -

Which of the following show epigynous flower -

Actinomorphic flower present in

Which of the following examples not show hypogynous flower-

Mark the wrongly matched-

In racemose floral axis show-

Which family not have actinomorphic flower-

Superior ovary present in –

Petunia belong to-

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