Mineral Nutrition


These MCQs are is intended for checking your Biology Chapter MINERAL NUTRITION,  knowledge.

Critical concentration is -

Mark the correct -

Mineral involve in Translocation of Carbohydrate-

Mn toxicity lead to deficiency of -

Optimum range of which mineral is maximum-

Mark the wrong statement-

Number of essential Mineral for plants is –

Mineral require for photolysis -

Hydroponics have been successfully employed as a technique
for the commercial production of –

Minerals can be absorb passively from -

Technique useful in mineral study -

Mineral involve in assembly of ribosome -

Which macro- mineral require in largest amount-

Which mineral is generally can be toxic-

Which of the following mineral is activator of Nitrogenase-

Which conc. is highest for any mineral -

Which conc. is lowest for any mineral -

Which mineral not absorb as positive charge -

Mineral which is micro and require in highest amount -

Mineral which is required in largest amount –

Beneficial elements are -

Optimum range of which mineral is minimum-

Which mineral is immobile mineral, not move from old leaf
to young leaf-

Which mineral involve in carbohydrate translocation-

Deficiency of which mineral first appear in Young leaf-

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