Locomotion and Movement


These MCQs are intended for checking your Biology Chapter LOCOMOTION AND MOVEMENT,  knowledge.

Myofilaments or myofibrils are

The store house of calcium ions in the muscle fiber is

F-actin is a polymer of

Go through the following statements and choose the incorrect statement.

Cross arms of the myosin monomer consists of

Choose the incorrect pair.

Actin and myosin filaments of muscles are also called

Choose the incorrect statement about muscles.

Streaming of the cytoplasm/cyclosis is seen in

Skeletal muscles are closely associated with the ...A... components of the body. They have...B... appearance under the microscope and hence are called...C... muscles. Choose the correct options to fill A, B and C.

Movement of our limbs, jaws, tongue, etc., requires

Sarcomere is a

Which of the following statement/s is/are true for ciliary movements?

Locomotion requires a perfect coordinated activity of

Choose the incorrect statement about the skeletal muscle.

In a ...A... state, the edge of thin filaments on either side of thick filaments ...B... overlap the free ends of ...C... filaments leaving the central part of thick filaments. This central part of thick filament, not overlapped by thin filaments is called ...D...-zone. Choose the correct options to fill the gaps A, B, C and D.

Striated appearance of the myofibrils is due to

...A... band contains actin and is called...B... band, whereas the ...C...-band called ...D...-band contains myosin.

Choose the correct options for A. B and C.

Visceral muscles are also called

In the centre of each I-band there is an elastic fiber called

Fascicles are held together by the structure

A sarcomere in the myofibrils of muscle is found in between

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