Excretory Products and Their Elimination


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In majority of nephrons, the loop of Henle's is found in the

Among ammonia, uric acid and urea, which one is the most soluble'?

The cortical part that extends between medullary pyramids as renal columns are called

Why terrestrial organism excrete lesser toxic nitrogenous waste?

In ureotelic animals, ammonia produced by metabolism is converted into area in

Identify the true statements and choose the correct option accordingly.
I. Blood vessel leading to the glomerulus is called efferent arteriole.
II. Vasa recta , peritubular capillaries and glomerulus, all have blood.
III. Cortical nephrons have highly reduced vasa recta.

Animals accumulates waste like urea, uric acid, Co2, H2o, ions like Na+, K+, Cl-, phosphate, sulphate, etc., by

Match the following columns.

Column I

(Excretory structure)

Column II


A.Simple tubular forms1.Annelids
B.Complex tubular forms2.Platyhelminthes and Rotifers
C.Protonephridia or flame cells3.Vertebrates
D.Nephridia4.Most Invertebrates

Choose the correct statement.

The U-shaped minute vessel that runs parallel to the Henle's loop is

In juxta-medullary nephrons

I. The outer layer of the kidney is called capsule. II. Cortex is divided into outer cortex and inner medulla. III. Medulla is divided into medullary pyramids. IV. The cortex extends in between the medullary pyramids which is called as columns of Bertini.

Identify the correct statements and Choose the correct option accordingly

Which of the following pairs is wrong?

The human kidney has about

Among ammonia, uric acid and urea; which one needs the least amount of water to excrete?

Excretion of nitrogenous products in the semisolid form is performed by

Malpighian tubules are the excretory structures of

In the glomerulus of the nephron, the afferent arteriole is

Choose correct statement.
I. Juxta medullary nephrons have reduced Henle's loop.
II. Vasa recta is well developed in juxta-medullary region of cortical nephron.
III. PCT and DCT situated in medulla.
IV. Glomerulus encloses the Bowman's capsule.
V. The ascending limb of the Henle's loop extends as DCT.

Identify A-D in the given structure and choose the correct option accordingly.

We can produce a concentrated/dilute urine. This is facilitated by a special mechanism. Identify the mechanism.

The medullary pyramids projects into the

Order of toxicity among ammonia, area and uric acid (from lower to higher) is

Name the types of nephrons where vasa recta is absent.

Arrange the following parts of the nephron in a sequential manner and select the correct option accordingly.

I. Glomerulus II. Bowman's capsule   III. Henle's loop IV. Proximal convoluted tubule V. Collecting duct VI. Distal convoluted tubule

Structural and functional unit of the kidney is

Aquatic animals excrete ammonia. Which of the following statements does not support this statement?

The process of excretion involves

Flame cells or protonephridia are the excretory structures in

Which one of the following statement is incorrect?

Which of the following structures are situated in the cortical region of the kidney? I. Malpighian corpuscle II. PCT (Proximal Convoluted Tubule) III. DCT (Distal Convoluted Tubule) IV. Loop of Henle V. Collecting duct

In…… nitrogenous waste is excreted in the form of nitrogenous pellet.

Part of the kidney through which the ureter, blood vessels and nerves enters into it is

Which of the following organism is/are ammonotelic?

Proximal Convoluted Tubule (PCT) is lined by

Glomerulus is a tuft of capillaries formed by ...A..., a fine branch of renal artery. Blood from the glomerulus is carried away by an …B… Select the correct option for A and B.

Different types of excretory structures and animal are given below match them appropriately a mark the correct answer from among these given below.

Column IColumn II
C.Malpighian tubules3.Earthworm
D.Green gland/ Antennary gland4.Flatworms

Each nephron has two parts, which are

Accessory excretory I. skin II. lungs III. liver IV. sebaceous gland

Choose the correct option.

Malpighian body or renal corpuscle is/are

Choose the correct ones.
I. Efferent arteriole carries the blood away from the glomerulus toward renal vein.
II. Afferent arteriole carries the blood to renal vein.
III. Podocytes form minute spaces(slit pores) for the filtration of blood into the Bowman's capsule.
IV. In Henle's loop is maximum reabsorption of the major substances from the glomerular filtrate.
The correct option is

Inner to the hilum of the kidney, there is a broad as funnel-shaped space called

Identify A-D in the following structure and tick the correct option for A, B, C and D.

Match the following columns

Column IColumn II
A.Delivers blood to glomerulus1.Ascending and descending limb
B.Carries urine to pelvis2.Renal artery
C.Collects   filtrate   from   Bowman’s capsule3.Collecting duct
D.Loop of Henle4.Proximal convoluted tubules

In cortical nephrons,

Choose the correct ones.
I. Vasa recta is lacking in cortical nephrons.
II. Maximum number of nephrons in kidney are juxta-medullary type.
III. DCT of many nephrons open into collecting tubule.
IV. During summer when body loses lot of water by evaporation, the release of ADH is suppressed.
V. When someone drinks lot of water, ADH release is suppressed.
VI. An increase in glomerular blood flow stimulates formation of angiotensin -II.

The correct option is

Figure shows human urinary system with structures labelled A-D. Select option, which correctly identifies them and gives their characteristics and/of functions?

The following substances are the excretory products in animals. Choose the least toxic form among them

Match the following columns.

Column IColumn II
A.Ammonotelic1.Aquatic invertebrates
D. 4.Amphibians

Study the given structure and match A, B, C, D, E. F and G with correct option.

The excretory organ in crustaceans, like prawns is

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