Digistion and Absorption


These MCQs are intended for checking your Biology Chapter DIGESTION AND ABSORPTION,  knowledge.

Read the following statements regarding the digestive system and select the correct statement.

The oesophagus and trachea (wind pipe) open into

Which sphincter regulates the opening of oesophagus into stomach?

Dental formula shows type and no. of teeth in

A dental disease characterized by mottling of teeth is due to the presence of a certain chemical element in drinking
water. Which of the following is that element?

The oral cavity is lined by following tissue-

……..is the future gut.

The space present between two teeth is known as……

What is the befitting definition of dental formula?

Which teeth are absent in temporary dentition?

What is another name of gastro-oesophageal sphincter?

Small projections found on the upper surface of tongue are called

During prolonged fasting, in what sequence are the following organic compounds used up by the body?

Structure which prevents the tongue from falling into the throat

Which of the following components of our food are taken in small quantities?

……… is the part of tooth where enamel is absent

What is the length of oesophagus

Alimentary canal of herbivores differ from the carnivores in being

In Humans, ……..alimentary canal is present

Opening of oesophagus into ‘J’- shaped, bag like structure is regulated by

Which of the following is the correct order for flow of food from mouth to anus?

Movement of food in Oesophagus occurs by following movement

…….. is the non living part of tooth

Which of the following molecules can be used by us as a source of energy?

Which one serves as a passage for both food and air?

No. of incisors, canines, premolars and molars in each jaw of human

In Carnivores, the following teeth are most developed

In humans, teeth that are monophyodont are

Which teeth help in cutting?

……… is number of monophyodont teeth in permanent dentition

The structure which separates oral cavity from nasal cavity

Mammalian teeth are not

Which of the following teeth are bunodont

Frenulum is

Which is the element that hardens the tooth enamel

The hardest substance in the vertebrate body is

Epiglottis is a cartilaginous flap which prevents the entry of food into

It is an extension of soft palate and closes off the nasal cavity during swallowing

Digestion is

Gut is the …… lined cavity.

What is the dental formula of 17 year old?

The common passage for food and air is

The type of dentition in which each tooth is embedded in a socket…….

The given schematic diagram depicts heterodont teeth and its thecodont arrangement. Find the correct labelling for
A-D from the options given below.

During intake of food, what prevents the entry of food into the glottis (opening of windpipe)?

Opening of oesophagus is known as ……..

A thin long tube extending posteriorly and passing through neck, thorax and a diaphragm and leading to stomach is

The incisor teeth are meant for

When teeth are different in shape, size and function then these are called

Oesophagus opens into ….., J-shaped structure

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