Body Fluids and Circulation


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Advantage of closed circulatory system is that

Erythroblastosis foetalis is a disease in which

Which of the following option describes all the components of human blood?

Plasma is a straw coloured viscous fluid constituting nearly ...A . . . % of the blood, ...B . ..% of the plasma is water;
and the protein constitutes …C…% of it. Choose the correct option for the blanks A, B and C.

Organisms which circulate water from their surrounding through their body cavities to facilitate the cells to exchange
the substances are

What will happen if a 𝑅𝐻− person is exposed to the 𝑅𝐻+ person?

Person with blood group-AB is considered as universal recipient because he has

Characteristic of closed circulatory system.
(I) Blood flows in the open tissue space, the sinuses
(II)Blood is in direct contact with the tissue cells.
(III) Blood flow is slow
(IV) Blood pressure is high.
Choose the option with characteristics.

A healthy individual has…A… grams of haemoglobin in every …B…mL of blood. These molecules plays a
significant role in the transport of …C... gases. Choose the correct option for A, B and C.

Identify the correct statement from below.

A certain road accident patient with unknown blood group needs immediate blood transfusion. His one doctor friend
at once offers his blood. What was the blood group of the donor?

In humans, RBCs are formed in

Formed elements present in the human blood are
(I) erythrocytes (II) leucocytes (III) platelets (IV) plasma (V) lymph
Choose the correct option

Closed circulatory system is present in

Open circulatory system is present in

If husband is 𝑅𝐻+ and wife is 𝑅𝐻− then

Example of Rh incompatibility is

Properties of human RBCs are
(I) devoid of nucleus (II) formed in bone marrow
(III) possess healing properties (IV) biconcave in shape
(V) help in blood clotting
Choose the option with correct properties.

What will happen if a 𝑅𝐻− person donate blood to a 𝑅𝐻+ person for the first time?

Subsequent normal pregnancies of 𝑅𝐻+ husband and 𝑅𝐻− wife could be possible by

Grouping of ABO blood is based on the

Why 1st child of Rh+ husband and Rh -wife doesn't have erythroblastosis foetalis?

RBCs have an average lifespan of

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