Biological Classification


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................... Layer semi-permeable in nature and interacts with the outside world

Which of the following is surface structure-
(A) pilli (B) fimbriae (C) Flagella (D) mesosomes
Mark the correct

Which of the following is incorrectly matched-

Bacteria can be classified into two groups on the basis of the differences in the .................. and the manner in which they respond to the...........procedure developed by Gram

Which of the following is role of mesosome-

Which of the following is present in all bacteria -

Glycocalyx differs in ............. and ......... among different bacteria

Structure which is similar in prokaryotes and Eukaryotes :

Chromatophore is present in -

Bacteria show a range in the ........ and .............. of flagella

Which of the following is feature of cyanobacteria-

Mark the correct statements
(A) bacteria are sole members of monera
(B) bacteria have simple structure and complex behaviour
(C) all autotrophic prokaryotes synthesise food from inorganic substance
(D) The vast majority of bacteria are autotrophic

Which of the following is carbohydrates-

Which of the following is non-motile-

Difference in Pilli and fimbriae is-

Which of the following have Nucleic acid -
(a)Nucleoid (b) Ribosome (c) Plasmid
Mark the correct option -

In Eukaryotes structure similar to Chrometophore is-

fimbriae are small bristle like fibres they are known for -

Mark the correctly matched-

Mark the incorrect statement-

Mesosomes are present in -

Consider the following statement -
(A) Size of Prokaryotes is Smaller than Eukaryotes
(B) Bacteria multiply faster than Eukaryotic cell
How many are correct-

Which of the following plasmid can induce tumour in roots -

Mark the correct statement-
(A) all bacteria have plasmid
(B) all bacteria have cell wall
(C) all bacteria have ribosome
(D) all bacteria have cell membrane

Which of the following is Haploid -

Which is common about ribosome and inclusion bodies-

Which of the following have gas vacuole-
(A) cyanobacteria (B) purple sulfur bacteria
(C) Green purple bacteria (D) Archaebacteria
Mark the correct

Which of the following correct about Capsule -

From given role - Cell wall formation , Respiration , photosynthesis, Secretion - how many are related with
mesosomes -

Mark the correct statement-
(A) inclusion bodies lie free in cytoplasm
(B) fimbriae use for binding on host tissue
(C) Chromatophore have pigments
Mark the correct

Cell envelop have all except –

Which of the following is longest Surface structure of bacteria -

Which of the following is similarity of prokaryotes with Eukaryotes-
(A) cell membrane (B) flagella
(C) role of ribosome (D) plasmid
Mark the correct

From given features- self replicating, circular, Nucleic acid , have gene,
Double stranded -how many are present in plasmid-

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